April 2021 - Sizzle into April, Aries! It’s birthday season and you are the cosmic favorite at this time. Prepare for a surge of energy to electrify you.

The new moon on April 11 is the most important of the year for you because it falls in your zodiac sign. Use the following week to take action to create the life of your dreams. The doors are opening to you, but you must seize the day. This lunation spotlights you and will help you to feel bold, confident, and strong.

Mark down the best dates for your zodiac sign with your Aries Monthly Horoscope!

The sun blooms in your solar second house beginning on the nineteenth, indicating that the month to come could be quite prosperous. Assess your budget, consider how you can add more income to your life, and certainly don’t be afraid to spend a bit on yourself.

Your ruler Mars dives into the depths of your solar fourth house starting on April 23, likely turning your attention to domestic, family, or home-related matters in the weeks ahead. Take charge and you can make a great deal of progress in these areas.

Last to note is a feisty full moon in your solar eighth house on the twenty-sixth, which could trigger news regarding a large money matter, such as a scholarship, loan, bonus, payout, or debt. Regardless, it will definitely encourage you to evaluate your intimate needs and how you must rely on or separate from another. Be sure that you’re in an equal and fair partnership above all or it might be time to walk away.

Standout days: 6, 10, 11
Challenging days: 9, 17, 26

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

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