Ask the Magic 8-Ball

You remember this popular fortune-telling toy - now you can get the smart and straightforward advice you need whenever a yes-no question pops into your mind, no clunky plastic ball required!

Our Magic 8-Ball divination game is fun, free, and incredibly easy to play! Just ask a question and click below to see what the Magic 8-Ball has to say. For best accuracy, be sure to concentrate very hard on your question and ask the 8-Ball only once. Its first prediction is always the most accurate!

Magic 8 ball

What is a Magic 8-Ball?

The Magic 8-Ball is a plastic sphere made to resemble an eight-ball used in pool billiards that's used for fortune-telling and seeking advice. Today, real-life Magic 8-Balls are produced and sold by Mattel, but the concept has been around for many decades; in fact, the first Magic 8-Ball was produced back in 1950! Real-life Magic 8-Balls require the user to shake it for an answer, but ours above only requires a simple click.

How Does a Magic 8-Ball Work?

Real-world Magic 8-Balls work by using a 20-sided die with various responses printed on it (like "yes," "no," and "outlook not so good"). When you shake the ball, the die floats within a blue liquid, and a window on the bottom reveals one of the responses through a transparent window. These answers are raised so they can be seen when the die is pressed against the glass or plastic. Our Magic 8-Ball works the same — except, well, without the physicality.

Who Invented the Magic 8-Ball?

The Magic 8-Ball was invented in the 1950s by Albert C. Carter, an inspired copywriter, and Abe Bookman, a traffic manager. It was originally marketed as the "Syco-Seer" and later became the Magic 8-Ball.

How Does a Magic 8-Ball Have So Many Answers?

Because of the 20-sided die it uses! Every time you shake a Magic 8-Ball, you'll receive one of 20 different answers from one of the 20 different sides of the die.

What Are Some Common Responses from a Magic 8-Ball?

Standard Magic 8-Balls have 20 possible answers: 10 affirmative ones, 5 non-committal ones, and 5 negative ones.

Affirmative Answers

  • Yes
  • Definitely
  • It's fate!
  • Probably

Non-Committal Answers

  • Doubtful
  • Perhaps

Negative Answers

  • No
  • Not Yet
  • Not Advisable
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