Aries Friendship

Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries Friendship Compatibility

Aries' Friendship Style

"Activity" is the key word for this sign. When it comes to Aries' friends, the more variety, the better. Easy to meet and get along with, an Aries makes an incredible amount of connections in a lifetime. Long-term friends are trickier. Only those who are equally energetic and able to keep up are apt to stay connected with an Aries for the long haul. Aries are inspired by action and get bored by too many coffee dates. Think: long hikes, pottery classes, or hitting up an old-school arcade—anything new, offbeat, quirky, or action-packed.

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Best Friend Match for Aries: Libra

Just as passionate but a bit more tempered and balanced when it comes to weighing pros and cons, a Libra can help tame Aries' wildest ideas into something doable, while Aries' up-for-anything sense of adventure can push Libras to take chances. Fun and fearless, Aries are an amazing match for Libra's steadier, more rational energy.

How to Make Friends with an Aries

Be direct. A sincere compliment will go far with an Aries and will set the tone for an honest, no BS connection for years to come.

How to Stay Friends with an Aries

Aries aren't sentimental and may not check in for months. To keep connected, skip the remember-whens and dive into what they're doing now.

3 Reasons Why Aries Make Great Friends

  1. Aries naturally have a wide-open view of the world. They view each moment and relationship as a new opportunity to express themselves and gather more life experience.
  2. Aries' legendary spontaneity means that you'll never know what's around the corner when in their company.
  3. One of Aries' mottos is, "Never miss out!" And when you're by their side, neither will you!