October 2020 - Career continues to be a major focus for you in October, Cancer. This is because you have harbored mighty Mars in this sector since the end of June (solar tenth house). It’s likely you have been hard at work launching important endeavors or hungry to find a position that will push you closer to your ambitions. However, with Mars spinning out of orbit this month, you could hit stagnation or obstacles at every turn.

The full moon on October 1 highlights your achievements as well. Normally, this would be the perfect time for a major announcement, but you must be especially cautious due to the Mars retrograde. Still, it’s quite likely you will see an important victory, favorable press, or promotion come your way. Take it quickly, especially before the Mercury retrograde begins on the thirteenth.

Your attention this month will also be on your home and family with the sun transiting here (solar fourth house). During this time you may attend to situations with your kin or parents. Some Cancers may also change residence, fix up their space, or handle roommate ordeals. With the arrival of the new moon on October 16, expect these areas to draw your attention.

When the sun moves into your fertility and romance sector on the twenty-second, passion consumes your mind in the month ahead (solar fifth house).

Fun, recreation, and spontaneity will end October as a full moon in your social zone calls your name on the very last day (solar eleventh house). You might be invited to a splendid event, perhaps a Halloween one, depending on your social distancing guidelines. A friend will likely play a pivotal role for you at this time, so find ways to grow closer to those who support you.

Standout days: 1, 25, 31
Challenging days: 9, 15, 18

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Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

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