February 2024 - Magic encapsulates you as we begin the month, Cancer, and Mercury in progressive Aquarius activates your eighth house of manifestation and intimacy on February 4.

Your most important bonds deepen during the Aquarius new moon on the ninth as you discover what true commitment means to you. You’re eager to develop a positive relationship with money, and a transformation with your resources takes place.

February Premium HoroscopeFebruary Premium HoroscopeWe are not going to lie, the month ahead comes with its fair share of intense aspects! February is a month that will keep you on your toes.

Be sure to release unhealthy power dynamics when Mars blasts into Aquarius on February 12. Instead, channel your energy into nurturing your inner phoenix so you can rise. Venus makes her presence known in Aquarius on the sixteenth, which connects you to your desires. You’re captivating and fearless in your pursuit of success!

Intensity allows you to discover your emotional strength, but when the sun enters hopeful Pisces on February 18, you’re ready to break free. Your ninth house of expansion and adventure is ready to be explored. Faith and excitement are restored as your knowledge grows. You’re reaching new heights and feeling inspired by the world around you.

Mercury enters Pisces on the twenty-third, allowing you to experience greater compassion for others through healing conversations. You can empathize with others, and you feel more connected as a result.

You’re feeling curious during the Virgo full moon that lights up your third house of communication on February 24. Process and release old ideas so you can see how bright the future is. Honest inner dialogue brings revelations to the surface. Acknowledge your thoughts and let go.

You’re evolving through change and discovering joy. Good luck this month, Cancer!

Standout days: 18, 21, 23
Challenging days: 6, 8, 14

Heal your heart! Don't miss this chance to eliminate doubts with a 3 minute FREE reading.

Heal your heart! Don't miss this chance to eliminate doubts with a 3 minute FREE reading.

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