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Best gifts: Yoga mats, cool sneakers, an amazing sweatshirt that combines style and leisure. Aries do love getting physical.

Best spa package: Cupping or acupuncture. All about intensity, Aries love cutting edge treatments.

Best cocktail: A prickly pear margarita or any brightly colored cocktail that doubles as an accessory. For Aries, it's all about the presentation.

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How Aries Unwinds

Rams only have one speed, and it's fast. So when it comes to unwinding, Aries are happy doing their own ambitious thing. A leisurely 12-mile run, a parasailing adventure, or taking the NaNoWriMo challenge to write a novel in a month all sound good to Aries. Aries also loves to relax, but even that will be intense. A Ram's idea of a power nap can be a full day of deep slumber.

Aries' Social Life

Sometimes a Ram is all about socializing and thinks nothing of sparking conversations with strangers or booking a solo trip to meet people along the way. Other times, the Ram can be reclusive, getting lost in a book or the wilderness, or taking up a hobby that they'll challenge themselves to master in a weekend.

Aries' Favorite Season

Even though Aries are born in early spring, they're all about the anything-can-happen vibe of summer. An action-packed Fourth of July weekend is pretty much heaven for an Aries. It's all about making the most of every single second, which is why they thrive on the long days of summer, when they can run from the gym to their job to an al fresco dinner, all before nightfall.

The Best Vacations for Aries

Adventure travel is a Ram's thing. Whether it's an organized surf camp or a solo backpacking adventure, Aries loves the adrenaline rush that comes with travel. In fact, a Ram prefers to go without reservations, simply because they love feeling the accomplishment of finding a hotel on the fly. Thriving on challenges, an Aries loves a vacation that helps them accomplish a goal, hone a skill, or practice self-improvement. While they're happy sitting on the beach for a bit, you're much more likely to catch them dashing in and out of the waves for hours on end.

Aries' Power Colors

Aries wants to success in everything: business, friendship, and love. The colors that empower the ambitious Ram are:

Red: Aries are all about success, and this color cranks up their confidence for even the most nail-biting scenarios.

Pink: There's a time and place for everything, including Aries' fiery spirit. Pink can temper that intensity, so it's a perfect color for Aries to wear on a first date.

Orange: Confident Aries can pick orange to let their natural light shine even brighter during large social events.

Yellow: Although outgoing, Aries can sometimes be close-lipped about their internal emotional life. Yellow can help Aries open up emotionally, both to others in conversation and to themselves.

The colors that Aries should avoid are:

Black or white: These two shades suggest an anchoring that's at odds with Aries' wanderlust.

Dark blue: Staid and traditional, dark blue doesn't bring out Aries' vivacity, and may make them feel awkward.

Gold: A natural in the spotlight, gold can feel and look too showy on an Aries.