August 2019 - August begins with a new moon, Venus and Mars in Leo marking a new beginning for your friendships, community, and social connections.

Expect this to be a social time with fun and exciting invitations coming your way. You’re making connections and friendships that can greatly further your ambitions. Keep clarity on your goals, then you won’t get distracted or caught up in dramas.

On August 11, as Mercury enters Leo, Jupiter stations direct in Sagittarius, and Uranus stations retrograde in Uranus–bringing you to a significant breakthrough. You’re learning information, bringing profound realizations, revealing new pathways. Something you’ve hoped and wished for is within reach.

On August 14, as the sun meets your ruler Venus: bringing you clarity on your aspirations, and a social situation, and your role within it. As the Aquarius full moon align on August 15, you’re becoming aware of your undeniable desires–especially in a creative, sexual, or romantic situation that feels like a risk.

Be bold, honest, but remain detached. You needn’t worry about validation–what matters is how you feel. Your authenticity is inspiring and confidence is sexy!

As Mars, Venus, and the Sun enter Virgo on August 18, 21 and 23; followed by a Venus-Mars conjunction on August 24, 2019, drawing you inward to rest, recharge, and reconnect with your inner being. A lot has come to light and the next four weeks are a time for deep introspection.

With the Venus-Mars conjunction, you’re coming full circle from two years ago. Look back–it will bring you insight you’re your current lessons. You could be deepening intimacy in a relationship, and/or learning your subconscious processes and patterns, especially surrounding relationships.

Consciously release self-destructive patterns, as you move to the Virgo new moon on August 30. Life is drawing you into the unknown, but worry is wasted energy.

Deepen your spiritual practice and reconnect with a divine plan. This isn’t just your dream, but the Universe’s dream for you.

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Dig deep into matters of the heart with a psychic love reading. Chat with a psychic for free!

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