September 2020 - This entire year is very important for you to rebuild a better structure in your life, especially when it comes to your domestic life and family (solar fourth house). With Jupiter, planet of blessings, and Saturn, giver of structure, awakening this month, it’s likely you’ll finally find yourself on sturdier ground after years of uncertainty.

Your work life has also been especially important for you in recent years because you may have launched toward new career horizons or changed the course of your professional ambitions. With a full moon in your employment sector taking place at the very beginning of the month, you can expect news related to a job to appear. If looking for work, you could be in luck, so search at this time (solar sixth house).

As Mercury, planet of mental clarity, moves through your zodiac sign from September 5 to September 27, you’ll likely see contracts or important communications coming your way.

However, another major point to note this month is the movement of mighty Mars across the sky from you (solar seventh house). Since the end of June, it has helped you focus on the need to work in tandem with a significant partner in business or love. By working as a team, you’ve realized you can go so much further.

But beginning on the ninth, Mars turns retrograde and causes friction and potential hostility between you and partners, competitors, or enemies. During the weeks ahead it will be better to lie low rather than exacerbate conflicts, because one could turn into an all-out personal war. Instead, use this time to listen to your partner and improve your rapport.

If single and looking, this retrograde may bring back people from the past. If you’re looking to reunite with one, you could see if you both want to start over once again.

The new moon on September 17 can help you be highly reflective, so review your past and see what needs closure.

As the magnificent sun moves into your zodiac sign on the twenty-second, birthday season finally arrives! Use the month ahead to celebrate you.

Standout days: 4, 5, 28
Challenging days: 17, 21, 23

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction today.

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction today.

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