February 2020 - As you enter February, the sun and Mercury are in Aquarius, sparking desires and creativity and drawing you to take a chance on your heart. This means embracing the quirkier parts of yourself and those desires you don’t always acknowledge or express.

Venus enters Aries on February 7, shifting your attention to your relationships, followed by the Leo full moon the next day. You can have what you wish for, but you have to dare to acknowledge it. Love and accept yourself and it will be easier to deepen heart connections that love you for who you truly are and offer you the security and freedom you desire.

Mercury is in shadow phase this month, so clear communication will be key. Also if you have purchases or agreements to make, do it before Mercury’s retrograde station on the sixteenth. It could cause possible communication breakdowns, e-mails or information might slip through the cracks, or there could be inconvenient issues to deal with.

You can only do your best. Be mindful, strive for clarity, double-check communication, and be patient as you clear up a messy situation, literally or figuratively. Consciously release what isn’t working and drains your time, energy, and mental health. Get clear on your priorities and you can make healthier choices moving forward.

You’re turning a corner from the past as the new moon in Pisces on February 23 wipes the slate clean, bringing a fresh start and deep healing rippling into all levels of your life. Focus on a common purpose and you can gather the financial, emotional, and work support you need. You can live the life of your dreams, and it can all flow more easily if you allow it.

Standout days: 1, 3, 23
Challenging days: 23, 16, 18

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

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