Aries Health Problems & Fitness

Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries Health & Wellness

Aries' Ailments: Headaches
Aries' Strengths: Energy
Aries' Weaknesses: Green juice, trendy diets, and too-good-to-be-true miracle cures. Even though Rams know that there's no quick fix, they can't resist any product that claims to give them an edge over other people.

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The Best Fitness Routines for Aries

Aries are all about living it up every single moment and rarely have a shortage of energy. Aries can frequently be found at the gym, which they truly think of as a happy space. Generally healthy, Aries know how to indulge when the time is right but can feel lethargic and blah if they abstain from physical activity for too long.

About Those Aries Headaches

Ruled by the head, Rams experience frequent headaches, so it's important for them to learn how to add R&R to their wellness routine. Rams aren't good at resting, but downtime can curb a headache before it starts. They should also make sure to drink water—because in their quest to be the best, Rams may skip this step at the gym. Finally, Rams honestly must get regular medical check-ups. Feeling unwell isn't a failure, and booking an appointment can keep a Ram in top-notch shape for their go-go-go lifestyle!

The Top 10 Ways Aries Beats the Blues

Driven and impatient, Aries is a sign that wants to nix the blues as soon as they appear. Luckily, it takes no time for the Ram to rise back to the top. Here are the best ways for an Aries to bounce back:

  1. Make a list of all their successes—it'll be a long list!
  2. Watch back-to-back action movies or crime dramas that amp up the adrenaline.
  3. Sweat at the gym.
  4. Dress up and go out. Independent Rams don't need a party. They make a party.
  5. Emailing a role model? Jumping out of a plane? Whatever Aries may fear, facing it is a guaranteed way to feel better.
  6. Get work done. They're not workaholics, but work genuinely excites them. Spreadsheets on a Saturday night? Why not!
  7. Have a game night. Aries loves board games (as long as everyone is actually trying to win).
  8. Send a funny Snap to a friend. Even though it's not as immediately apparent as their other traits, Aries' sense of humor has to be stoked on the regular.
  9. Start a bonfire, a fireplace fire, or watch a fire app on TV. Flames can soothe the soul of this fire sign.
  10. Get a scalp massage! Ahh, now that feels good!

Healing Herbs for Aries' Intensity

Rosemary: Stimulates the body and mind and improves memory; key for an Aries with a million things on their mind.

Cayenne: Helps cleanse the digestive system and improve circulation; key for Aries' intense lifestyle.

Garlic: Either cooked or in tea, garlic fights infections and reduces cholesterol and blood pressure in a stressed-out Aries.

Powdered mustard: An ancient symbol of faith, mustard can help keep Aries grounded.