Jan 20, 2022 - The Leo moon adds a lot of energy and vitality to your career. Work has been crazy lately, which has you feeling as though this career isn’t the best path for you. Take stock of the direction you want to pursue to make sure that you’re able to win at your professional game and be successful on the trajectory you’re pursuing.

A new position could open up at work, giving you a chance for a raise or promotion. You might find that the grass is greener where you are, and you don’t want a coveted new job after all. Be mindful of what you do want right now.

When the moon changes signs, it’s a great time to chill. Take time away from the world, and focus on healing yourself instead of pouring your energy out to others. Rest your mind and heart, and align your energies with the rhythms of nature. This can help you find solace and reprieve after today’s intense lunar action. It will help when the moon enters Virgo today too. You’ll be able to float away and relax in your own bubble. Just don’t overthink things too much.

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