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What does an Aries celebrity have in common with their peers? Bold, innovative, and full of energy, Aries celebrities know how to party. Learn more about your favorite Aries birthdays.

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April 16 | aries
Another entrepreneurial and career-focused Aries, Akon is known more for his philanthropy lately than his rap. The Akon Lighting Africa project has been providing 15 African countries with electricity since 2014 and is working on building his own brand of cryptocurrency. Photo: U.S. Embassy Nairobi

Chance The Rapper

April 16 | aries
Chance The Rapper might be a more unusual Aries due to his private lifestyle and quieter disposition. However, when it comes to music, this Aries is an open book with all his emotions. Photo: Julio Enriquez

Eddie Murphy

April 03 | aries
Rapid-fire wit is an important characteristic of the average Aries, and comedian Eddie Murphy is no exception. Photo: David Shankbone

Elton John

March 25 | aries
This spirited Aries might just be the most Aries of them all: a little self-absorbed but not selfish, more vulnerable than you’d expect, flamboyant with a flair for grand gestures, and ultimately one of the strongest personalities you’ll ever come across. Photo: David Shankbone

Emma Watson

April 15 | aries
This young actress showed her Aries ambition when she managed to film the Harry Potter series and attend Brown University at the same time. Photo: Themeplus

James Franco

April 19 | aries
Mars is the planet of energy, action, and desire, and not many individuals have as diverse of a career portfolio as James Franco. The Aries’ ruling planet Mars has pushed the actor to become an actor, author, activist, and so much more. Photo: Vanessa Lua

Kate Hudson

April 19 | aries
The rom-com queen is enchanting in every role she plays onscreen or off. This Aries woman loves astrology and is the epitome of her fire sign: competitive, sporty, candid in conversation, feisty in the workplace, and fun all around. Photo: Tanka V

Kourtney Kardashian

April 18 | aries
The most independent of the Kardashian clan, Kourtney is very much an Aries in her desire to control her public perception, confidence, and fiery temper (as seen on the show). Photo: South Florida Beach Photos

Kristen Stewart

April 09 | aries
This fire sign actress is unusually shy in the spotlight for an Aries but maintains her independence and desire to learn in the industry. One of Kristen Stewart’s strongest Aries characteristics is her desire to control her public perception. Photo: Eva Rinaldi

Lady Gaga

March 28 | aries
The Aries woman is a known diva, and Lady Gaga is no exception! Her bold personality and even bolder style make Gaga the ultimate Aries. Photo: SMP Entertainment