September 2023 - This month, the path ahead is clear.

Venus goes direct in Leo on September 3, and Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus the next day. During this time, both of these planets are stationary, signifying that your focus is on freedom. Cancer, you might be seeking a way out of a regular job so you can venture into your own business, or at least pursue work that allows you to have more control over your schedule and decision-making. This could also help you make more money.

On the fourteenth, there’s a new moon in Virgo, and Mercury goes direct the next day. This presents opportunities in businesses related to information. Cancer, you might engage in activities like writing, teaching, publishing, and public speaking. Also, this energy is favorable for businesses involved in transportation, delivery, or logistics. Consequently, you might consider applying for a job in these fields or starting your own business.

Finally, on September 29, there’s a full moon in Aries. You’re flying high now. Your supervisor or upper management might notice the excellent work you’ve been doing. Cancer, you could receive a glowing recommendation to support your request for a promotion. There’s also a possibility that you’ll be asked to lead a meeting or take charge of a project.

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Get a FREE Love & Relationship Reading with a Keen Psychic to gain clarity today!

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