Weekly Horoscope: July 8–14, 2024

Weekly Horoscope: July 8–14, 2024

This is a week to grow and expand! You can’t wait to learn more about, well, pretty much everything, during Monday’s intellectually curious sextile between Mercury (the brainy planet) and Jupiter (the planet that urges us to expand). Go ahead and quench that thirst for knowledge by listening to podcasts, watching documentaries/TED talks, reading or just talking to interesting people.

Things get a little more intense as wise Pallas (the asteroid representing our analytical mind) goes direct while in introspective Scorpio on Tuesday. Get ready to experience some powerfully transformative moments as you dig deep and get to the bottom of the emotions you’ve been feeling lately. Honestly, the only way you’ll gain anything from this powerful transit is if you stop the nonsense and get real with yourself.

Thursday Venus (the pleasure-seeking planet) enters big-hearted, enthusiastic Leo, reminding you to make some time to do the things that truly make you happy. Be generous, warm and engaging as you embrace your talents, pursue your passions and spend time with the people who mean the most to you. Life is short, so take advantage of every minute you have!  

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


Love and romance are very much alive for you this week, Aries, and if you’re tired of being the one doing the chasing, don’t worry—this time you’re the one being chased! In fact, you seem to be getting more attention in all areas of your life now. #OwnIt 

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You’ve never looked or felt better than you do this week, Taurus. What are you doing differently? Whether it’s a purely aesthetic thing or something you’ve been working on on the inside, it shows. Keep it up. You’re literally glowing.

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It seems like you might figure some things out that can make a big difference in your world this week, Gemini. The more open-minded you are, the more you learn. The more conversations you have, the more you understand.

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It’s good to spend a lot of time around people who make you feel secure this week, Cancer. The last thing you need right now is to second-guess yourself, honestly. You have a hard time trusting most people, especially when it comes to money. Your instincts don’t lie.

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You’re so popular now, Leo. You love the clout that comes with being treated like a celeb, but have you ever stopped long enough to try to figure out exactly what other people are after? You usually feel like any kind of attention is good attention but right now you’re not so sure. 

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How much of a good thing is too much, Virgo? There’s nothing wrong with having a good time after you take care of all your responsibilities, but it seems like you might be letting some of your have to’s slip in exchange for your want to’s. You’re usually in such good control of yourself, so what’s going on? 

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Your friends mean everything to you this week, Libra. If you’re going through a hard time, they’re there for you. If you just want to party and have a good time, they’re up for that, too. Whatever you need, they’ve got your back. And that’s an amazing feeling.

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You’ve got a lot to think about, Scorpio. When you have this much on your mind, spending time alone is your best option. It’s not that you don’t want your loved ones around, but your introspective mood is giving I just want to be by myself and figure this out. And that’s totally okay. You do you.

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You love to learn new things and then turn around and teach those new things to others! Whether you’re the teacher or the student, spending your free time exchanging ideas with other interesting people is your idea of paradise. Life is one big adventure this week, Sag

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Your curiosity is piqued. You really want to know more about someone who presents themselves as a mystery. What’s their secret? How can you get them to open up, Capricorn? To find the answers you want, you’ll have to go beyond the superficial and get deep.

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Your social game gets a boost this week, Aquarius. Your charm factor goes up as you take more of an interest in the people you’re engaging with. Once you feel what it’s like to connect instantly with new people on an emotional level instead of staying aloof like usual, you might not want to go back to the old you.  

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You’re not falling for someone’s nonsense this time around, Pisces! You’ve been fooled too many times lately so the feeling of being taken advantage of might still be a little too raw. You’re still a warm, receptive and sympathetic person, but you’re not quite ready to become a main character in someone else’s sob story to the degree that you usually are.

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