Cancer Zodiac Health Problems

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Health & Wellness

Cancer's Ailments: Stomach and digestive system ailments
Cancer's Strengths: Fortitude
Cancer's Weaknesses: When things don't feel right in Cancers' life, they can feel it in their gut—literally. When Crabs feel that they can't express their emotions, or that it's not safe to do so, they develop stomach pains, digestive ailments, and other GI troubles.

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Get Love Insights for FREE - celebrate the month of love and connect with a Keen Advisor now!

The Best Fitness Routines for Cancer

More than any other sign, Cancer intuitively feels the mind-body connection and sees fitness as essential to calming the mind and finding space in the day for tuning into his or her body. Cancer sees fitness as an almost spiritual practice—a time to commune uninterrupted with mind and body—and tends to shy away from group fitness classes where an instructor can interfere with the flow. Cancer has a reserve of self-discipline, doesn't have any problem DIY-ing a routine, and may find yoga, running, or Pilates to be great ways to simultaneously move and meditate.

About Those Cancer Stomach Aches

Ruled primarily by the chest and stomach, this sensitive water sign feels everything physically. Whether it's a tightening of the chest when something feels emotionally off or stomach butterflies, Cancers feel physically sick when they're not emotionally in tune with their life. Ignoring the problem won't make it go away, and rich foods can make the issue worse. For Cancer, tummy-calming foods like oatmeal, steamed veggies, and rice can help make them feel better, but in general, a rollercoaster tummy or major abdominal cramps is a sign that something external needs to be fixed, ASAP.

The Top 10 Ways Cancer Can Beat the Blues

Emotionally intuitive and sensitive, Cancer doesn't shy away from blue moods, and actually loves diving into all of life's emotional intricacies—even the bad ones. Because of this, Cancers may have a tendency to wallow a little too much in their own bad mood. Want to snap out of it? Here's how:

  1. Sing. Creative Cancer might not sing in front of an audience, but belting out a song in the shower can help beat the blues.
  2. Engage in talk therapy. Cancer believes in talk therapy, and may be intrigued by psychoanalytic processes. Engaging with a professional—even when life is going well—can help Crabs maximize their emotions as a powerful life tool.
  3. People watch. This sign loves watching people and figuring out what makes them tick. Sitting at a cafe and watching the world go by can get Cancers out of their own thoughts.
  4. Get outdoors. Intellectual Cancer can sometimes get too caught up indoors. Getting outside and getting dirty, whether it's starting a garden, taking a hike, or even just feeling breeze on skin, can remind Crabs to put their problems in perspective.
  5. Get lost in a book. Cancer loves reading and can get swept away by a story. The only thing is that Cancer sometimes feels reading is too self-indulgent. But regularly getting out of their head with a book is essential.
  6. Swim. Water signs like Cancer are drawn to any body of water, and feeling water on their skin can help them get out of their head.
  7. Have sex. Cancer loves physical passion. Indulging in the communion of sex—or even solo pleasure—is essential to keep Cancer happy.
  8. Watch a favorite movie. To Cancer, characters in movies feel like friends. Revisiting a well-loved movie can help get their mood back on track.
  9. Help others. The best way for a Cancer to get out of his or her head is to help other people with their problems.
  10. Journal. Cancer's rational side sometimes needs to see words on paper to determine next steps.

Healing Herbs for Cancer's roller coaster emotions:

Eucalyptus: This fresh, all-purpose healing plant can help Cancer heal psychic and physical scars.

Fenugreek: This maple syrup-scented herb can help cure Cancer's notoriously sensitive tummy.

Parsley: This herb, an excellent digestive aid can help Cancer figure out what's really causing their gastrointestinal distress.

Jasmine: The heavenly-scented flower can help with this sign's subconscious thoughts, allowing them to let go of the past, focus on the future, and tap into their optimism.