May 2024 - This month, you’re moving forward.

On May 2, Pluto in Aquarius goes retrograde. Libra, you might be looking at how limiting beliefs from childhood are actually holding you back in your career. This realization could help clear the blockages. Challenge old thinking and you can free your ability to move forward more easily.

Saturn in Pisces makes a semisquare to Pluto in Aquarius on the sixth. Libra, a friend might come to you with an investment opportunity. This could be something you’ve never dealt with before, so it’s a little outside your comfort zone. You might need to read up on this and take it one step at a time.

There is a new moon in Taurus on May 7. Your mind is very much on investing now. You could be looking at conventional investments as well as new financial instruments that are available. You might consider a way to invest in real estate that costs you much less than buying a house.

On the twenty-third, there’s a full moon in Sagittarius and Venus enters the sign of Gemini. Libra, putting everything into a schedule or setting up automatic payments could really help you. A little work now could bring some great benefits in the future.

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Get Love Insights for FREE - celebrate the month of love and connect with a Keen Advisor now!

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