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For the Cancer in Your Life

Best gifts: Ruled by the heart, nostalgic Cancer loves connecting to the past. Photo albums, heirlooms, and personalized handmade gifts are the best way to a Cancer's heart. As a domestic creature, the Crab also adores gifts for the home. Home is their haven, so wine, kitchen gadgets, or luxe shower scrubs are ideal.

Best spa package: Sensuous Cancer craves head-to-toe pampering and loves different sensations. First a salt scrub and then a shower followed by a long massage is ideal for Cancers, as it gives them plenty of time to sink into their physical self, forget about their mind, and fully succumb to bodily pleasure.

Best Cocktail: Pinot Grigio. Cancer delights in a glass of wine, preferably in a low-lit wine bar or while watching the sunset. Crabs will happily skip the bar scene, and a glass of wine at home by candle light is the ideal way to unwind with their loved one after a long day.

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How Cancer Unwinds

While an intense conversation about the meaning of life may not sound pleasurable for some signs, one of Cancer's greatest gifts is the ability to unpack the mysteries of life with loved ones. The Crab loves grappling with big issues, and will happily spend a day on the beach with a thick history book. Cancers also need plenty of solo time to unwind, and may find a yoga class or meditation retreat the ideal way to get back to their inner selves. And while plenty of signs might wave off the suggestion to breathe deeply and de-stress, Cancer takes this directive seriously. Even their craziest days, they'll make it a point to pencil in five minutes for tuning in with themselves.

Cancer's Social Life

It's typical for Cancer to have friendships that span decades, and this sign loves nothing more than playing the "remember when" game with old friends. Cancer also cherishes family connections, and it's not unusual for Crabs to count their siblings, or even their parents, as members of their social circle. Cancers are usually partnered, and their partner tends to show up for all social events. And while Cancers will RSVP 'yes' if a party is important for the host, they're likely to bow out after doing the initial rounds—socializing in large groups just isn't Cancer's favorite thing.

Cancer's Favorite Season

While this cardinal sign may have a birthday at the height of summer, Cancers are drawn the cozied-up feeling of winter. They love sitting by a warm fire, cuddling under the covers, and stepping out into freshly fallen snow. But even though Crabs may love the trappings of winter, they also need a daily dose of sun and may become depressed if they have to spend all day under artificial lights between commuting to and from work in the dark. Making sure to get a dose of sun (or a UV light) can be incredibly beneficial for this sign.

The Best Vacations for Cancer

Water sign Cancer won't say no to the beach, but they also love exploring different parts of the world, especially if the trip consists of a hike, a swim in a lake, or some other way of communing with nature. And while Cancers don't mind getting their hair dirty on a roughing-it vacation, they also love luxury. Staying at a five-star beach resort—especially with their lover—is a great way for Cancer to de-stress, lose inhibitions, and succumb purely to pleasure.

Cancer's Power Colors

Cancer is intense, emotional, and passionate. The colors that best express these traits are:

Light blue: The color of water, light blue can help calm Crabs while reminding them of their true self. This healing color can also feel nurturing, and subtly remind Cancers to take care of themselves, even while caring for the people around them.

Gray: Just like the mysterious and changing color of the moon as we see it from Earth, the many shades of gray signify the normal emotional complexity of Cancer's everyday life. This color brings out Cancer's ability to see several sides to the story, and serves as a reminder that not everything is black and white.

Orange: Although Cancer has a rep for being shy, this sign is also passionate, and the bright orange of the sun can bring out that fearless side. The color orange is also connected with the sacral chakra, which controls self-respect and helps Cancers speak up about what concerns them.

Buttery yellow: This calm hue speaks to Cancer's naturally optimistic side, and reminds Crabs of their glass-half-full attitude.

These are the colors that Cancer should avoid:

Red: This fiery color can be too much for Cancer, whose emotions can already run too hot.

Black: Cancer sees the world in more than black and white, and the stark void of color can be too intense and one-dimensional for this dynamic sign.

Bright green: Cancer does well in pastels and muted blends—strong colors are too one-note for the Crab, and don't necessarily match the myriad emotions swirling below his or her surface.