August 2021 - Capricorn native, your finances and cash flow are in the crosshairs in August. You have excellent moneymaking opportunities ahead, but this month you could be economizing.

The new moon in Leo on August 8 highlights your house of resources. Now you can connect with the human resources department about setting up a retirement savings account through your company. You might also want to check for other perks, such as getting vested in company stock or finding discounts on insurance.

On the fifteenth, Venus enters Libra and your house of career and reputation. You're like the golden child now with opportunities everywhere you look. This is a great time to interview for a new position at your current company or a different one. And if you need a favor from your boss, this is the time to ask.

There is a full moon at a critical degree of Aquarius on August 22, and the sun goes into Virgo on the same day. A source of income may be ending, you might close a side business, or some other regular payments could be coming to an end, but take heart. There are new investment opportunities on the horizon.

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Love is calling your name. Get an accurate prediction today!

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