May 2024 - This month, you benefit from a pivot.

On May 2, Pluto in Aquarius goes retrograde. Aries, you might go back to your supervisor to see what else you can do to gain the position you want. This is also a good time to resubmit a resume or ping the hiring manager to see if there is progress on your application.

Saturn in Pisces makes a semisquare to Pluto in Aquarius on the sixth. Aries, a project could be halted when new information comes to light. Or information that was held back might now derail the project you’re working on. This could be a frustrating time.

There is a new moon in Taurus on May 7. A financial opportunity is available to you. This comes from different sources of money, so it might take a little paperwork or some phone calls to get it all to happen. Some persistence will be needed.

On the twenty-third, there’s a full moon in Sagittarius and Venus enters the sign of Gemini. Aries, you could get the permit, license, or accreditation you’re looking for, but it’s going to cost you some money. Now you’re spending money for an application or to be considered for a project. You are paying to play.

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Get Love Insights for FREE - celebrate the month of love and connect with a Keen Advisor now!

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