Aries 2024 Horoscope

Saturn, our cosmic professor, visits receptive Pisces and your house of compassion and sacrifice this year, Aries, which means—gasp!—you’ll have to consider other people and their feelings for a change! It’s obvious that you have some unfinished spiritual business to take care of in 2024, and your biggest challenges come when you attempt to clear up any unresolved mental or emotional issues that are holding you back.

To help you do that, your energetic sign hosts one of the year’s most magical moments, a total solar eclipse during the new moon in early April, which is an excellent time to manifest your desires. You pride yourself on getting what you want via sheer force, but some things can’t be bullied into existence. Why not take advantage of a little lunar lift when it’s offered?

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Your active leader Mars hits a major hot spot when it joins your expressive first house from early May to mid-June, and your aggressive, competitive powers will be at their peak for the next several weeks. Your impressive ambition drives you forward now, and while some of the details might get trampled, the big picture remains intact.

Wounded healer Chiron is traveling with your powerful sign again this year, helping you tackle those all-important personal issues we mentioned earlier. Things could get a bit complicated, but this healing-promoting transit is a major balm for your spiritual and mental boo-boos.

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