October 2020 - While October will bring headaches to many of the other zodiac signs, you, Sagittarius, should fare much better. On October 1, a full moon in your passion and fertility sector arrives (solar fifth house). Mars, the planet of sex and drive, has been within this same zone for many months but is currently retrograde, signaling that you may feel the spark has dimmed in a current relationship, your dating life has become stagnant, or else old flames have returned!

With a full moon marking a culmination and turning point, you may choose to open your heart at this time. However, with Mars in weak orbit, do not become official, because your chemistry will die later. Instead, use this time to have fun! Single Sagittarius natives may still have an opportunity to find a great match, while committed ones can use this booster to improve their rapport.

Another major factor this month will be your social life as the sun blazes a trail here (solar eleventh house). It’s likely you will hear from many friends and see your network expanding, especially after the new moon arrives on the sixteenth.

Beware of secrets emerging that you hadn’t expected as Mercury retrograde causes confusion in the second half of the month (solar twelfth house).

When the sun moves into your sector of rest on October 22, you’ll be ready to check out and lie low. However, the universe has other plans because another full moon appears on the thirty-first, bringing shocking news regarding an employment or health matter. Be careful now and adjust your sails accordingly. The universe is feeling mischievous!

Standout days: 1, 12, 19
Challenging days: 13, 25, 31

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

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