Sagittarius Spiritual Traits

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius Spirituality

The Best Crystals for Sagittarius: Topaz, lapis, or or turquoise are all great stones to help Sagittarius protect their energy, send out their own wisdom to the world, and embrace transformation, the ability to let go, and the ability to move on.

Sagittarius Healing Mantra: "I am on a path of destiny."

Sagittarius Spirit Color: A light blue can help offset the fiery intensity of Sagittarius, and can remind them they are always evolving, and that the physical manifestation of their bodies is just one step on an endless soul journey.

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Sagittarius Spiritual Side

Sagittarius is intense, searching, and willing to put their mind, body, and soul in pursuit of a spiritual truth. Sagittarius wants to experience spirituality, and fasting, meditating, and singing can all help them be in closer touch with their spirituality. A Sagittarius always wants to believe and find a higher power, but that higher power may or may not be one they are introduced to at an early age, via church or organized religion. A Sagittarius may try a few different religions, or find that their "religion" is going on hikes outside. A Sagittarius wants to live a moral life, and to that end, may read a lot of books by spiritual leaders, committing certain quotes and phrases to memory.

A Sagittarius is often seen as a moral leader, and is looked to in work and at home as an example of the "right" thing to do. A Sagittarius is always honest, and believes dishonesty is one of the worst ways you can hurt a person. A Sagittarius wants to have a life of honesty, respect, and trust, and espouses these values, no matter what they believe.

Sagittarius Karma Boosters

Every sign has to deal with unfinished business. For Sagittarius, it’s learning to consider other people’s feelings. Yes, a white lie may not be "true," but it may be far better than the alternative. Sagittarius may find themselves putting their foot in their mouth more than they’d like, but these karma boosters can help them smooth over any rough spots with friends or family.

  1. Give a compliment. You look nice. That was a thoughtful comment. The more you get used to saying compliments, the better, Sags.
  2. Go along with someone else’s idea. Yeah, the Italian joint your friend suggested may not be the best you’ve had—but could you pretend it is, just once?
  3. Let someone cry. You don’t love seeing emotion and may want to "fix" things. Just let yourself witness someone else’s feelings. That wasn’t so bad!
  4. Volunteer with a charity. Sags can sometimes become stuck in their own heads, aware of what "should" change, but not necessarily taking the steps to make the change happen. Be the change you want to see in the world and get your hands dirty!
  5. Invite others with you. Sags love to go it alone, but sometimes, the best way to experience life is to invite others along for the ride. They might be slower than you’re used to, or you may have to stop somewhere you hadn’t meant, but bringing someone else on a journey is the smartest thing Sags can do!