Sagittarius Health Issues

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Sagittarius Health & Wellness

Sagittarius Ailments: Back aches and sciatic nerve problems. Sagittarius also controls the reproductive organs, so cramps and other issues are common.
Sagittarius Strengths: Physical strength—a Sag keeps on going, even when others call it quits.
Sagittarius Weaknesses: Pushing beyond their breaking point. A Sagittarius person sometimes thinks that admitting pain is giving up, and will push far past the point of discomfort, which can sometimes backfire.

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The Best Fitness Routines for Sagittarius

Fusion classes, like Piyo or Spin and Sculpt. Classes that combine skills keep you interested, and you love pushing your mental and physical limits.

About Those Sagittarius Backaches

It’s not only the oversized backpack they’re likely to wear. Sagittarius often takes a lot on, and may push themselves beyond their breaking point. They may use the heaviest weights at the gym, do a double or triple workout, and may also express ascetism in certain situations —they are the ones who will always take the couch or sleep on the floor. When your back aches, it’s a sign to slow down and honor your body. Your back is strong, Sagittarius, but you don’t need to prove anything, and giving your body a break is a smart way.

The Top 10 Ways Sagittarius Beats the Blues

Always looking on the bright side, Saggitarius is one of the most optimistic signs of the zodiac, and is an expert at elevating their feelings when they’re sad. But sometimes, even a Sag needs some help. Here, ways Sags can beat the blues, fast.

  1. Hit a workout class. Sporty Sags love moving their bodies, and sweat cures almost anything that ails them.
  2. Plan a trip. Life is always better an ocean away — or so Sags think. Planning a trip can help pull them out of their bad mood.
  3. Host a party. Sags are awesome hosts and hostesses, and love entertaining—bonus points if the party is themed.
  4. Have sex. Physical Sags find a release in having sex, and don’t necessarily need emotional attachment.
  5. Watch a documentary. Sags love learning, and a documentary can get the intellectual part of their brain swept away.
  6. Listen to music. Sags don’t often think of this, but music truly can transport a Sag somewhere else.
  7. Get outside. Nature loving Sags feel good when they feel the sun on their skin.
  8. Buy new shoes. Sags sometimes have a thing for feet!
  9. Read a classic book. Sags love nostalgia, and reading a book they’ve loved can help transport them to a simpler time.
  10. Turn off the lights. Dive under the covers, take a nap, and know the sun comes out tomorrow—or whenever you’re ready to pull the shade back up.

Healing Herbs for Sagittarius mood swings:

sage: When a Sagittarius mind goes a million miles a minute, sage can help a Sagittarius keep track of everything on their to-do list.

basil: Stress? Not here. Basil can help a Sagittarius mind from spiraling, and the herb can be especially helpful in calming a Sag down in a hurrty.

saffron: This vibrant spice can help keep a Sagittarius feeling positive, optimistic, and buoyant, even in the face of adversity.

chervil: A member of the parsley family, this herb can be helpful in respiratory issues, helpful for sporty Sags who may want to perform at the top of their game.