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Ruled by expansive Jupiter, Sagittarius is big-hearted, open, and always looking beyond a checklist. A Sagittarius rarely has a "type,"— they are always intrigued by the individual, and don’t make any assumptions about people until they’ve truly met and spoken with them.

Sagittarius loves witty back and forths, but also appreciates the formality of the dating experience. While they are 100% honest in any situation, they love an excuse to dress up and check out cool date night locations. They would much rather go to an under the radar speakeasy than hang out at home, and love impressing you with their knowledge of, well, pretty much everything and anything.

A Sagittarius is honest to a fault, and doesn’t have a lot of patience for tears and emotions. They don’t like what they perceive as emotional manipulation. They fight fair, but once a fight is over, they want it to be done—they do not like past mistakes brought up ad nauseum for days, weeks, or years down the line. A Sagittarius likes laying everything on the table, and some romantic partners may be frustrated by their cool logic, which trumps emotion every time. A Sagittarius expects their partner to continue to learn and grow throughout their lives, and truly seeks someone who they connect with on a soulful level.

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Best Zodiac Love  Matches for Sagittarius

Aries: Passionate, intense, and energetic, Sagittarius and Aries have a play hard ethos where neither take anything too personally, and are always up for everything.

Aquarius: Independent, passionate, and adventurous, Aquarius and Sagittarius push each other to the limits—especially in bed. The two signs are all about maximum intensity.

Leo: Two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius bring out the best in each other. Both are in awe of each other’s strengths, and the two outgoing signs also love to entertain and hit the town—no Netflix and chill here!

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Favorite Date Nights For Sagittarius

Bring on the reservations, scour Instagram, and hopefully slip past a red carpet or two. A Sagittarius loves to be taken on the town, and the more in the know you are, the better. For a Sagittarius, it’s not just the meal or the cocktail menu. It’s all about the vibe.

Don’t get us wrong. You can bring a Sagittarius to a dive bar, and they’ll be happy, as long as it’s a dive bar no one else knows about. They love seeing the secret, hidden sides of a city or town, and they don’t want to shy away from grit.

A Sagittarius also loves doing the unexpected. A midnight walk through Manhattan, stopping at a diner for pancakes as the sun rises? Sure! A plane ticket to a destination for a few hours on a second date? Why not. The bigger, bolder, and crazier, the better. Don’t be shy when it comes to getting a Sag out of their shell and you will be rewarded.

The Deal with Sagittarius and Earth Signs

It’s common for fire sign Sagittarius to become downright obsessed with earth signs—the sign they aren’t supposed to go for. So why the attraction, and can it ever work?

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) speak to Sagittarius deep, innate need for some sort of anchor. While a Sagittarius can be at home anywhere in the world, and always jumps at the chance to take on a road less traveled, that lifestyle can be lonely. An earth sign represents stability and permanence. Of course, this can also drive a Sagittarius crazy, too! A Sagittarius can change opinions and ideas, and believes we are always evolving. An earth sign believes that we are who we are, no matter how old we become or how much everything around us changes. So can this pair work.

In short, yes! The trick is to recognize each partner’s strengths, and stop trying to "change" the other partner. In return, each partner should also be a bit flexible, and realize that maybe there is value in sticking in one place for a year or two. A Sagittarius needs to realize what they may be yearning for in their rolling stone lifestyle, and how they can find it in their earth sign partner. In return, the earth sign should consider the things they can learn from their Sagittarius partner. Why do they need to be so stuck in their ways? What would happen if they were to think outside the box a little?

The one thing earth signs and Sagittarius have going for them is honesty. Both signs truly want to get on the same page, sans emotion, and will often talk for hours until they land on an agreement. The ability of both signs to argue rationally helps them come out on top.

How to Seduce a Sagittarius

If you have your eye on a Sagittarius, get ready and be bold, brave, and don’t take them (too) personally. They may be a bit oblivious when it comes to flirting, and won’t just "yes" you, so you can go on a date. They will be direct and won’t be afraid to point out something you may have misunderstood or misquoted. A Sagittarius is always looking for love, but because they are wildly independent, they want to find someone who can keep up with them and make their lives bigger, brighter, and bolder than ever. They are never, ever looking to settle down. With that in mind, here’s how to seduce a Sagittarius.

How to Make Love to a Sagittarius

A Sagittarius feels comfortable in their skin, and loves the feeling of really good sex. Sagittarius may separate sex from love, and knows that you can have sublime sex without having an emotional connection. That said, sex is important to Sagittarius, and they can’t last long in a relationship if the sexual bond is missing.

Sagittarius loves shaking things up, and may find toys, roleplay, and changing up positions intriguing. A Sagittarius isn’t ashamed of their body or desires, and would always rather try something than not do so. A Sagittarius believes sex can be playful and passionate, and giggling during lovemaking can be an incredibly powerful aphrodisiac that can be even more intense than dirty talk and lighted candles.

A Sagittarius is an incredibly physical lover, who wants to be an expert in lovemaking, which includes being an expert in your body. They want to find the moves that make you moan, and if something’s not working, speak up. They would love to troubleshoot and may seem a bit scientific (what if I touch here, or lick there?) in bed, but it’s all for the end goal of giving you head-to-toe pleasure.

If You Love a Sagittarius Woman

Realize and love who she is, especially if she presents as rough around the edges. Do not tell her what to say or how to act around your parents, for example. She will take offense and will go out of her way to behave in whatever way you don’t like. If you love a Sagittarius woman, be loyal and honest—she would much rather hear that you’re having a crisis or problem from your directly, and getting outside perspective from your buddies will be seen as a betrayal by a Sagittarius woman. Don’t assume you know what she is thinking, and don’t try to manage her emotions—she can manage them for herself, thank you very much.

How to Communicate With a Sagittarius Woman

Be direct, honest, and confront small problems before they become big issues. A Sagittarius woman may appreciate a weekly "state of the relationship" check in, and likes when you share how you’re feeling, especially if you can do so in a way as devoid of emotion as possible (no easy task!) Sagittarius appreciates being able to have a full view of whatever is going on, and likes having more information, rather than less. But just because she’s pragmatic, doesn’t mean she doesn’t like romance. For her, being involved in a plan is better than a surprise; share your thoughts and give her the freedom to make the plan even better than what you might have come up with on your own.

If You Love a Sagittarius Man

A Sagittarius man cannot be pinned down. The more you push him for commitment, the more he may shy away. Give a Sagittarius man freedom and know that will keep him with you. He may want to spend a weekend camping solo, and you must trust he is where he says he is. A Sagittarius man is exceedingly honest and rarely will lie or cheat. That said, know that a Sagittarius man will not stay in a relationship just for the sake of the relationship—or even the sake of a family—and may be the type to bring up the idea of a break. A Sagittarius man wants to see the partner he is with as a strong, whole, independent entity who could do fine without him. Of course, you can and should depend on your Sagittarius partner—that’s the point of a partnership—but don’t depend on a Sagittarius for something you can’t do yourself. He will change your tire because he loves you, but he will admire you if you learn how to do it yourself, just because you can.

How to Communicate With a Sagittarius Man

Separate your emotions from your needs and your talking points. Fair or not, a Sagittarius man may see tears as emotionally manipulative, and may subconsciously begin to tune out if you raise your voice. Sagittarius is wordy, so it may do best to speak in email form, and love letters are also a great way to get to the heart of a Sagittarius man.

Should You Marry a Sagittarius?

Yes! Honest, adventurous, smart, and open hearted, a Sagittarius can truly complement you and make you your best, boldest self. Be ready for adventures, frequent moves, and plenty of hammered out heart to hearts to get on the same page, but trust that you’ve found an optimistic, glass half full partner who can make the world a better place—and together, the two of you are pretty damn unstoppable.

Signs That a Sagittarius Is Playing for Keeps

Sagittarius may seem like there’s only room for one person—themselves—in their life, but when the person is right, they’ll shift to allow them in. Here, three signs that a Sagittarius is playing for keeps.

  1. They invite you on a trip. Sagittarius prefers to travel solo, so getting an invite is a major deal. Watch how they travel and hang back on plans—you’ll learn a lot watching them in their element.
  2. They follow your lead. If a Sag has you choose a restaurant, or an itinerary, trust this is a big deal. Sags have very specific tastes, so if they’re allowing you to call the shots, it’s a sign that they trust you.
  3. They bring you to happy hour. Sags have so many groups of friends, and tend to keep different branches of their lives private. When you become their permanent plus one, whether it’s to a coworker happy hour or to a gathering with their buddies they play pickup basketball with, it’s a sign that they want you in their whole life.

Sagittarius Relationship Red Flags

A Sagittarius will be direct and blunt at all points in your relationship, and if a Sag says they aren’t happy, don’t think they are being dramatic. They mean it. The good news: By telling you, they want to fix the issue and are asking you to help them do so.

If a Sag seems particularly silent, or says they don’t care about what your weekend plans are, it’s a sign they may see themselves on their way out of a relationship. Sags always have an opinion, and if they aren’t sharing it, it’s a sign they may not want to share their life with you anymore.

How Sagittarius Deals With a Broken Heart

Sags truly believe travel fixes everything, including a broken heart. A new environment usually makes a Sag feel right at home. A Sag may find a new hobby or a new house—anything to distance them from the routines they had in their "old" life with a partner.

A Sagittarius may become exceptionally social as well—having plenty of people in their life can help them avoid introspection, which is something a Sagittarius can’t stand. A Sagittarius believes life is long, and is a pragmatist, believing in multiple soulmates, but may need some time and introspection to lick their wounds before moving onward and upward.

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