January 2021 - Mighty Mars heats up your solar fourth house at the onset of January, so you are especially focused on home and family matters. You could become highly energized regarding a move or renovation or be dealing with an important situation surrounding a family member. This will likely keep you busy until March.

Another area of focus is about taking time to pull back and rest. The sun and new moon meet on January 12, telling you to recharge your batteries.

Life becomes brighter when the sun joins your zodiac sign for the month ahead, starting on the nineteenth, bringing even more power to you, along with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn! With so many planets in your zodiac sign, it is clear that you have a tremendous amount of dominance now and the ability to shift matters in your favor. Use this time to make plans for what you’d like to launch in the year ahead, and get ready to move the pieces strategically forward.

With Venus in your zodiac sign, this is also a magical time for love, beauty, and pleasure, so be sure to indulge yourself.

The end of January brings forth a full moon on January 28 that turns your full attention on your partnerships. This may be a culmination regarding you deciding to make long-term plans or else part ways. Some Aquarians could become engaged or even marry. Others may sign contracts with business associates. However, time is of the absolute essence because Mercury, the ruler of communication, stations retrograde and turns backward in your zodiac sign on the thirtieth. Work with haste!

Standout days: 9, 11, 20
Challenging days: 8, 23, 30

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

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