October 2020 - The balance in your relationships is something you’ve been working through, Virgo, and this will be especially important in October. A full moon arrives on October 1, spotlighting your intimate relations—as well as possible relationship fears—so now is the time to address anything that needs to be adjusted in a business or romantic partnership (solar eighth house). Also, with mighty Mars causing some frustration and possible conflict here due to his sleepy retrograde, be sure to approach it from a place of serenity rather than anger.

Throughout the month, the sun heats up your finances, giving you opportunities to become a money magnet! New prosperity is likely this month, especially after the new moon on the sixteenth. If you’re looking for work, do so now. Also, a raise or large check may also come your way (solar second house).

Another thing to note this month, though, is that your ruler, Mercury, will be slowing down until he turns retrograde officially on October 13. Because of this, you may feel like you have less energy than usual and are more confused about how to move forward. Retrogrades are not here to punish you. Instead, they are here to help you slow down and fine-tune your strategy going forward. Watch your communications and double-check e-mails before sending them.

The month draws to a close with yet another full moon, bringing you visions of expansion (solar ninth house). Full moons usher in culmination, endings, and turning points. This lunation triggers news regarding an academic, publishing, or immigration opportunity. If pursuing any of these, utilize the last days of the month to push closer toward your goals.

Standout days: 10, 12, 19
Challenging days: 7, 13, 18

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