September 2020 - Birthday season has arrived, Virgo, and you’re front and center now (solar first house)! The blessing of birthday season is that the sun and new moon bring forth an opportunity for you to lay plans you’d like to see come to fruition in the year ahead. Personal goals, hopes, and projects should all take root now, especially after the new moon on September 17.

Yet, despite all of the focus on you, a full moon at the onset of the month turns your attention toward your most important partnership in business or love (solar seventh house). During this time you might make an important decision together—to become official, get engaged, make plans, or even walk away. Single Virgos could find luck at the beginning of the month if you’re looking for someone with long-term potential.

However, be cautious because Mars, the ruler of sex, goes retrograde on the ninth and remains so for many months ahead. Any relationship that begins officially during a Mars retrograde will likely find that the sexual component becomes less important as time goes on, or vanishes entirely.

But the stars are showing you that you deserve the love of a lifetime as Jupiter, giver of miracles, and Saturn, giver of structure, turn direct this month in your sector of romance (solar fifth house). If you’re single and able to keep it casual, use these powerhouse planets to find someone who, like a flower, will bloom within your heart. Committed Virgos can also use this renewed energy to increase the pleasure between you and your partner.

When the sun leaves your sign and enters your sector of finances on September 22, expect that money will be on your mind for the weeks ahead (solar second house).

Standout days: 2, 3, 17
Challenging days: 1, 4, 11

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction today.

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction today.

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