May 20, 2024 - May 26, 2024 - Twins of Evil (Prime Video): The sun is entering Gemini this week, kicking off the season of the twins, so celebrate with the iconic and artsy 1971 movie Twins of Evil. This gothic horror film tells the story of twin sisters who fall under the influence of the sinister and charismatic leader of a local cult. As they become entangled in a web of dark forces and forbidden desires, their bond is tested in all sorts of over-the-top ways. Packed with suspense, temptation, and supernatural scaries, it has everything necessary to keep your high-energy Aries self entertained.

Bonus Pick: Gemini season is activating the zone of your chart that rules siblings, which is why the show Guilt will be such a captivating watch. Now on its third season, this series is centered around two brothers who find themselves entangled in a murder cover-up in Edinburgh, Scotland. As they’re investigated for the suspicious crime, secrets unravel and loyalties are tested, and the two brothers must navigate family drama, moral dilemmas, and the weight of a murder on their shoulders. This one is also on Prime Video.

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Get a FREE Love & Relationship Reading with a Keen Psychic to gain clarity today!

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As the first sign to appear in the zodiac, Aries are typically brave and outgoing.

They're assertive by nature and won't hesitate to tell you how they feel. But they do need to be mindful that they don't hurt anyone's feelings by speaking impulsively. They can be headstrong at times, and make better leaders than followers.Learn More

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