October 2021 - Listen to your intuition this month, Scorpio. The universe is speaking directly to you. Your dreams will be extremely vivid and intense in October with so much energy in your solar twelfth house. Mighty Mars, your co-ruler, is bringing energy here, showing that you might be busy hustling on a behind-the-scenes project or working on something in solitude. You could be doing your best to make sure all the pieces are in place and everything is perfect to debut when Mars enters your sign on October 30.

Next month will be wild, so it would be best to use October to create your ultimate strategy. A new moon falls in this same sphere on the sixth and can help you to lie low, rest, recharge, and assess your mental health.

Mark down the best dates for your zodiac sign with your Scorpio Monthly Horoscope!

Sweet Venus journeys through your zodiac sign until October 7, so the beginning of the month would be an auspicious period to indulge in some TLC and pleasure. Romance could also be especially sweet at this time.

The full moon on October 20 highlights your solar sixth house, again revealing that you’re putting the finishing touches on a major milestone endeavor. Watch your physical health at this time, though, because if you’re burned out you could see an illness or medical issue pop up. Take care of yourself!

However, the closer that you swim toward November, the more excited you get. Birthday season arrives as soon as the sun ignites your zodiac sign on the twenty-second. Get ready to shine like a diamond and show the world what you’ve got in the month ahead.

Standout days: 2, 20, 28
Challenging days: 6, 8, 30

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