May 2020 - You're building a new life on new foundations. There are major shifts unfolding this month, marking a phase of inner structuring, strengthening foundations, and reevaluating life choices.

As you enter the month, the sun is in Taurus and your relationships are in focus. On May 4, the sun meets Mercury, followed by the Scorpio full moon three days later, bringing conversations with partners, clarity, and powerful emotions to the surface. Be honest about how you feel, ask for what you need, but let go of any expectations of others. You’re at the end of a cycle, and your relationships are reflecting an important truth to you about yourself.

On the tenth, Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius, bringing fundamental shifts. Your family, home, relationship with your father, and security matters are being highlighted. This is a chance to restructure life from the ground up so you can rebuild on a solid foundations.

Mercury enters Gemini on May 11, bringing financial negotiations, intimate conversations, and life-changing choices. The next day, your ruler Mars enters Pisces, drawing you to dive into your creativity and passion and reconnect with your sexuality and inner child. On the same day, Venus stations retrograde in Gemini, revealing potential and information to which you weren't privy before.

There could be powerful desires arising and changes in power dynamics asking you to reconsider your involvements and commitments. You can have what you want and attract the resources, security, commitment, or intimacy you desire. But you have to be honest with yourself and let go of trying to control a situation. Stay present, trust a process, and you can navigate and negotiate a situation consciously.

As Jupiter stations retrograde on the fourteenth, you're having conversations, unearthing information, and making important discoveries. Be patient with a process and you can learn what you need to know, allowing you to make wise choices.

On May 20, the sun joins Venus in Gemini, followed by the Gemini new moon two days later, bringing second chances and allowing you to breathe life into and resurrect a situation that has had you on edge. You’ve learned important lessons, but you needn't carry a burden like a ball and chain. Everything is negotiable. Be true to your values rather than be attached to anyone or anything, and then you can deepen connections in which there is mutual gain and shared love, desire, and feelings.

Standout days: 4, 17, 24
Challenging days: 3, 10, 22

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction Today.

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction Today.

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