Scorpio Celebrities

What does a Scorpio celebrity have in common with their peers? Dark, intense, and penetrating, Scorpio celebrities know how to access deep parts of their psyche for any movie. Learn more about your favorite Scorpio birthdays.

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Bill Gates

October 28 | scorpio
The ultimate Scorpio trailblazer. Bill Gates’ powerful business acumen and overflowing generosity aligns with the Scorpio ethos for sure. Photo: Simon Davis/DFID


November 21 | scorpio
Known for her deeply personal music and lyrics, this independent Scorpio uses her creativity to fuel her career in the music world, even after three decades. Photo: Foxtongue


October 25 | scorpio
This Scorpio oozes sexuality like many others of the same zodiac sign, and it flows through her music and dancing. Photo: Toglenn

Diego Maradona

October 30 | scorpio
This former Argentine soccer player is well known for his rebellious behavior on the field and off—from drug addiction during his glory days as an athlete, to his friendship with Communist dictator Fidel Castro. Photo: Doha Stadium Plus Qatar


October 24 | scorpio
Intense, moody, way too socially aware, and creative—there’s no doubt that rapper Drake is a Scorpio. Photo: The Come Up Show

Emma Stone

November 06 | scorpio
Scorpios are authentic—they are who they are, and they aren’t changing to please you or anyone else. Emma Stone is one of Hollywood’s more unconventional beauties, but she’ll never change her appearance to please the public. Photo: Patrick L.

Frank Ocean

October 28 | scorpio
Deep, deep in the emotions. There’s no other way to describe this Scorpio, one of the greatest R&B artists of our generation. Photo: AMangalick (WMF)

Gordon Ramsay

November 08 | scorpio
Rebellion is the cornerstone of the Scorpio personality, and Gordon Ramsay is the “bad boy” of the culinary industry with his fiery temper. Photo: llan Warren

Hillary Clinton

October 26 | scorpio
The ultimate trailblazing politician, this Scorpio was so, so close to winning the 2016 presidential election. She won the popular vote! After the devastating loss, Clinton continues her campaigning for the rights of the American people today. Photo: Lorie Shaull

Jimmy Kimmel

November 13 | scorpio
"When you know someone, you can make a little more fun of them without them getting offended.” The words of a true Scorpio, Jimmy Kimmel! This sign’s love for sarcastic banter and a night owl sleep schedule make for a great Scorpio late night show host. Photo: Arturo Pardavila III