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For the Scorpio in Your Life

Best gifts: A beautiful scarf, a candle, or some essential oils. Scorpios love accessories that elevate all of their senses.

Best spa package: Reiki. Sure, it's not exactly a spa treatment, but Scorpio, with their genuine interest in the metaphysical love that a treatment doesn't require touch to be effective, and love the way reiki allows them to tune into themselves while getting attuned.

Best Cocktail: Malbec, or any other rich, deep, red wine. Scorpio can't resist a deep red wine, preferably sipped with a lover.

How Scorpio Unwinds

Unwhat? Scorpio is always on, always watchful, and always have the wheels in their mind turning. Scorpio love art—the more intense and boundary-pushing, the better—and adore meeting new people, especially if they can rise to the challenge of sparring with them. Scorpio does crave alone time, and finds that hiking, journaling, or going to a moody bar or restaurant by themselves and having a conversation with a stranger can help them connect to their true selves.

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Scorpio's Social Life

Scorpio has the pick of who to hang out with, and everyone is entranced, captivated, and—ok, a little afraid—of them. Scorpio tends to do their own thing, and isn't pulled by peer pressure. Scorpio adores fine wine, fancy restaurants, and A-list access, and loves getting a behind-the-scenes look into a party. Because of this, they tend to make friends with artists, chefs, and other people who set the pulse of a city. In addition, they are often the pulse of a city, and find that a job that can combine their social life and real life is often ideal.

Scorpio's Favorite Season

Their birthdays are in late fall, and Scorpio loves cold snaps, dusky weather, and long, dark nights just made for cuddling up on sensuous sheets. Scorpio adores evening, and adores long nights that last well into the wee hours. Scorpio also isn't afraid of a cold snap—they're happy to be out in all elements, and love the wild and sexy unpredictability of a raging winter storm.

The Best Vacations for Scorpio

Scorpio love going places where no one else has gone before, and is all about exclusive, intimate tours of foreign cities. They love meeting locals, and have a special charm and knack for getting introduced to VIPs in whatever city they're in—even if they're only visiting for 24 hours. Scorpio bypasses the so-called tourist attractions in favor of small boutiques, insider-only restaurants, and other experiences they deem authentic.

Scorpio's Power Colors

Confident, in control, and the center of attention in all situations, Scorpio can use different colors to enhance their already prodigious natural gifts. Colors that inspire Scorpio include:

Red: This fiery color speaks to Scorpio's innate intensity, and also highlights their passion—when they love something, they love it.

Mauve: Purple, the color of royals, speaks to the majestic way Scorpio carries themselves.

Blue: Even though they're fiery, it's important to remember that Scorpio is a water sign. The blue speaks to their mutable emotions and can channel their empathy and understanding.

Gray: Silver and changing, like the moon, a grayish-silver hue speaks to the shifting intensity in Scorpio's internal emotional landscape.

These are the colors that Scorpio should avoid:

Yellow: This bright, one-tone color screams sunny optimism, when Scorpio is known for seeing all sides of a situation.

Green: Scorpio is more drawn to brown earth tones—think, the trunk of a tree rather than the leaves. Green can be too one-dimensional for complicated Scorpio.

Orange: This color is often given to those in the spotlight, and while Scorpio naturally draws attention, they don't necessarily seek it out.