Scorpio Health Problems & Fitness

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Health & Wellness

Scorpio's Ailments: UTI's and other below-the-belt issues
Scorpio's Strengths: Passion
Scorpio's Weaknesses: Intense workout classes. Scorpio can be almost masochistic when it comes to exercise, and loves working out harder, longer, and faster than anyone else.

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Get Love Insights for FREE - celebrate the month of love and connect with a Keen Advisor now!

The Best Fitness Routines for Scorpio

Boxing. Whether it's getting in the ring or just taking classes, you thrive on breaking a sweat and, bonus, can simultaneously get rid of frustrations that are plaguing you.

About Those Scorpio Below the Belt Issues

For Scorpio, their sex organs are one of their biggest joys and biggest headaches. Scorpio sees sex as a union of the mind and body, and when they're not feeling fully in tune with themselves or a relationship, they're likely to feel less than great below the belt. The upside is that Scorpio has learned that absolute honesty—in and out of the bedroom—can help feel them as healthy as they can be. Scorpio won't lie or cheat—the sex won't be enjoyable, and it's just not worth it. The more honest they are with themselves, the more happy their parts will be!

The Top 10 Ways Scorpio Can Beat the Blues

Let's be honest: Sometimes Scorpio wants to feel down in the dumps. But when it's time to rise to the top—something Scorpio is so good at—they have the tools and skills to do so. Here's how.

  1. Light candles. Nothing like a ritual for intense Scorpio.
  2. Read a sad novel. Nothing like Anna Karenina to make you realize your life isn't so bad.
  3. Have a one-on-one with a friend. It's okay to cry if you've got the right shoulder to cry on.
  4. Yell. Doesn't have to be at someone, but even in the shower can be very cathartic.
  5. Taking a yoga class. The sweat is just as cathartic as the tears.
  6. Have sex. Nothing like an orgasm to wipe the emotion slate clean.
  7. Clean. Scorpio loves a clean, organized home, and diving into organizing can help them get past their own problems.
  8. Try a new look. Dark lipstick can match a dark mood, but can make Scorpio feel so much brighter.
  9. Listen to live music. Scorpio loves music, and listening to live music buoys their mood like nothing else
  10. Go for a drive. Driving on back roads to nowhere can help Scorpio center themselves.

Healing Herbs for Scorpio's roller coaster emotions:

Aloe vera: Can soothe Scorpio's intensity and remind them to cool down!

Raspberry leaf: Connects to the reproductive organs to help them calm down (especially if a female Scorpio is suffering from cramps) and can help soothe any nerves.

Ginger: Spicy and intense, adding ginger to a recipe or using as a supplement can help calm Scorpio's anxiety.

Coriander: used often in love spells, this herb can help Scorpio tune into their passion and make sure their passion is being directed toward good.