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Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

What Are Scorpios Like As Friends?

A Scorpio friend will tell you like it is, whether you want to know or not. The good news: You never have to worry about where you stand with a Scorpio; they will let you know. But you will have to realize that a Scorpio won't BS you or lie to you—and they will absolutely let you know when you haven't lived up to your potential. A Scorpio can be a friend for life, and can make you laugh harder, think deeper, and have more fun than you ever thought possible. So don't be so sensitive and go along for the ride.

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Best Friend Match for Scorpio: Aquarius

This water sign and air match are an ideal friendship match, perfectly up for taking each other to task when necessary. The two signs are idealistic, passionate, and prefer the company of themselves rather than spending time with a person they deem toxic.

How to Make Friends with a Scorpio

Push the envelope. Tell them exactly what's on your mind, especially if it's unedited—even if it's critical. Scorpio loves seeing what other people really think.

How to Stay Friends with a Scorpio

Check in on them. A Scorpio friend can present a tough exterior (see the hard outer shell of a scorpion!) but they can get hurt easily, and sometimes have a tough time admitting vulnerability. Asking how they're really feeling, and giving them the time and space to tell you, will make your connection strong for life.

3 Reasons Why Scorpio Make Great Friends

  1. Scorpio friends keep life interesting. They're drawn to the deeper mysteries of existence, and will always push you to think harder and more intensely about issues than you ever have before.
  2. Scorpio are incredibly loyal—which means not holding back if you've messed up or haven't lived up to your potential. A Scorpio will make sure you're always the best person you can be.
  3. Daring Scorpio will push you to push your own limits, resulting in the funniest, most epic memories you'll cherish for a lifetime.