July 2021 - You have a sharper mind and more clarity for the first time in weeks with your ruler Mercury returning to normal speed this month, Gemini. It remains in your zodiac sign until July 11, helping you articulate what was amiss before.

Also, with fiery Mars igniting your solar third house of communication all month, you’re ready to declare the most important messages within your soul to the world. Use the energy to persuade the audiences before you that your ideas are the ones with promise. You could also be especially focused on launching a writing, speaking, advertising, or social media initiative at this time.

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A full moon in your solar ninth house of expansion also appears this month on the twenty-third. This is the first in two back-to-back full moons and could bring a culmination to an academic, media, immigration, or traveling initiative. No matter how, seek to integrate more ideas and wisdom into your inner world. Some Geminis might decide it’s time to return to school, while others may see the arrival of their first published work. With your mind so active, you could find yourself especially inspired.

To end the month, benevolent Jupiter, who has sat perched at the top of your chart bringing professional success in recent weeks, once again dips his toes back into this same solar ninth house beginning on July 28. Use the time before this to evaluate your professional goals and how you can soar even higher.

Standout days: 12, 24, 29
Challenging days: 6, 23, 25

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