October 2021 - With your ruler out of sync through most of October, Gemini, you could feel that nothing is moving smoothly. Mercury retrogrades hit you especially hard, and this one in particular falls in your solar fifth house. This means that you could be experiencing miscommunication or confusion around matters of love, creativity, expression, hobbies, or children. While our cosmic messenger stations direct on October 18, you could still feel foggy until the end of the month.

Despite this, mighty Mars energizes this sector with passion all month, and a new moon also appears here on the sixth. Even if it feels like you’re taking two steps forward and one step back, know that the universe just wants you to be truly happy.

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Venus dances across the sky from you for most of the month, beginning on October 7, adding even more sweetness to your relationships. With such an emphasis on your solar fifth and seventh houses, you’re likely to feel that you’re dancing with a twin flame at this time, or at the very least you have a high likelihood of crossing paths with one.

A full moon in your solar eleventh house of communities appears on the twentieth, highlighting your network and connections. You might attend a fabulously exciting event near this time or hear from a dearly beloved friend. Someone might even step in to open a doorway to one of your greatest personal hopes and dreams at this time. Above and beyond, focus on what fulfills you in October and go with the flow rather than try to fight against the wind.

Standout days: 3, 6, 16
Challenging days: 17, 26, 30

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