Gemini Celebrities

What does a Gemini celebrity have in common with their peers? Witty, charming, and adaptable, Gemini celebrities know how to mold themselves to fit any role. Learn more about your favorite Gemini birthdays.

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Anderson Cooper

June 03 | gemini
One of the most hidden Gemini traits that no one ever talks about is networking and communicating skills, something that this journalist has an abundance of. Photo: Gage Skidmore

Angelina Jolie

June 04 | gemini
This actress possesses the Gemini’s natural romantic magnetism, and the excellent multitasking ability that allows her to act and be one of the world’s most famous philanthropists and UNICEF ambassadors. Photo: Greg Skidmore

Clint Eastwood

May 31 | gemini
Geminis love love. Just ask Clint Eastwood, who’s been married three times and has been in at least a dozen relationships—including countless affairs and seven children! Photo: Siebbi

Colin Farrell

May 31 | gemini
Erratic and impulsive, this is another Gemini who’s a hopeless romantic. Still unmarried but with two children from different mothers, this Gemini just can’t settle down! Photo: Georges Biard

Edward Snowden

June 20 | gemini
Geminis are born leaders and known to break away from the pack to make sure their ideas are heard (and justice is served)—and that’s why Edward Snowden is on this list! Photo: International Journalism Festival

Helena Bonham Carter

May 26 | gemini
Mysterious and moody, you rarely see this Gemini in photos unless she’s attending a red carpet event for her latest dark and dynamic role. Photo: Siebbi

Johnny Depp

June 09 | gemini
Johnny Depp is one of those more erratic, impulsive, and spendthrift Geminis. But the Gemini gift of identity morphing has surely helped him as an actor in the past. Who else could play Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow, and Edward Scissorhands? Photo: Andy Templeton

Kanye West

June 05 | gemini
Possibly the most famous Gemini, this erratic artist embraces the Gemini passion, creative energy, and networking intelligence. Photo: David Shankbone

Kendrick Lamar

June 17 | gemini
This rapper is a true Gemini, and proud of it! Kendrick has referenced his placement in at least five songs to date! Photo: Fuzheado  

Mark Wahlberg

June 05 | gemini
The average Gemini is skilled in wearing many hats and Mark Wahlberg exemplifies this: He started out as a model and rapper, and now he’s an actor, producer, and businessman. Photo: Eva Rinaldi