Gemini Fitness & Health Problems

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini Health & Wellness

Gemini's Ailments: Sore throats
Gemini's Strengths: Optimism
Gemini's Weaknesses: Gemini put their hands over their ears and pretends that things aren't happening. While dissociating can be a helpful skill, being fully present in one's own body (and at the doctor's office) is an essential skill for Gemini to maintain their best health.

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The Best Fitness Routines for Gemini

Gemini love goals and to-do lists, but they also get bored from too much repetition. CrossFit, PiYo, or a fitness streaming class are ideal, because the Twins get to try new things, can see themselves get stronger, and aren't doing the same old workout. Gemini also love working out in groups. While their primary competitor is Gemini, they love the socialization and motivation that comes from being part of a team. They truly don't care if they win or lose, as long as they're having a good time, and they may be just as happy to support a team from the sidelines, with a few leisurely laps around the field to count as a workout.

About Those Gemini Coughs and Colds

Ruled by the lungs, Gemini can get dragged down by coughs, colds, and seasonal allergies. While Gemini tend to power through the sniffles, they can more easily attract them when they're in a weakened state and not living up to their Twin truth. Of course, it's essential to see a doctor, but Gemini find that following their intuition can help them feel healthier, too. This sign is also ruled by the hands and fingers, so Gemini may find themselves prone to arthritis, as well as feeling cold, sensitive, or straight-up tingly. Gemini love to communicate, and because digital communication relies on the fingers, there may be carpal tunnel issues. Gemini need to remain aware that taking care of the physical body is key for them to shine.

The Top 10 Ways Gemini Can Beat the Blues

Active, optimistic, and always looking for a solution, Gemini frequently don't allow themselves to feel sad. But acknowledging their feelings can be key for getting better. Here are ten ways for the Twins to beat the blues:

  1. Talk it out. Master communicators, Gemini thrive on conversations. Even talking out loud to themselves can help Gemini figure out what they're really thinking.
  2. Get organized. Although they may present as messy, Gemini have their own system of organization and go nuts when they can't find something.
  3. Cook a meal. Creative Gemini love getting their hands dirty in the kitchen. For them, it's more about the process than the final presentation, and they're happy to have learned something even if the dish doesn't turn out as expected.
  4. Read a favorite book. Gemini will go back to their favorite books again and again. They love gleaning new knowledge and insights from old favorites.
  5. Listen to music. Even singing in the shower can help Gemini calm down and connect to their true self.
  6. Go for a walk. While social Gemini love being surrounded by people, sometimes the best place for them is getting lost in a crowd. Walking through city streets and hearing snippets of strangers' conversations can be incredibly soothing for a Gemini.
  7. Plant a garden. This air sign sometimes needs some "grounding." Tending to plants will do that.
  8. Play with kids. It doesn't matter whose kids they are, because Gemini loves getting caught up in the imaginative world of child's play and gets a kick out of children's unique way of seeing the world.
  9. Scroll through Instagram. Gemini derives inspiration from everywhere, including how others see the world. Searching travel hashtags on Insta is one of the best ways for Gemini to get out of their head.
  10. Flirt away. Whether it's with a crush or just a stranger, engaging in flirtatious banter is one of Gemini's favorite things to do.

Healing Herbs for Gemini

Oregano and Cumin: These herbs can help activate Gemini's energies, allowing them to get things done instead of spending time daydreaming in their own heads.

Parsley: It's not just for salads! Having this plant on hand is key for Gemini. It can help soothe throat-related problems, which is an essential cure that belongs Gemini's herbal medicine cabinet.

Lavender: Associated with the planet Mercury, lavender can help calm Gemini and give them good dreams, clear their focus, and allow them to harness their energies.

Anise: A drop of anise-infused honey can help soothe Gemini ailments, and may also help this sign tackle their extensive to-do lists.