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Best gifts: Ruled by the mind, Gemini love gifts that make them think. A luxe journal can help them keep track of their daydreams, while a book—especially on a subject they've never studied—is always a welcome gift. Gemini is also one of the Zodiac's more organized signs, and anything to help the Twins keep their possessions in check (like an amazing organizer) or their dreams in sight (like a cool fitness-tracking tech toy) will be welcome.

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Best spa package: Multitaskers in life, Gemini love the same in a spa treatment. Whether it's a scrub and massage package or a body-toning and facial combo, Gemini adore different sensations—and also love the feeling that they're being pampered head to toe.

Best Cocktail: Dirty martini. Gemini adore the theater surrounding a cocktail, and the frenetic rhythm of a cocktail shaker is the kind of multisensory experience that excite Gemini when going out for drinks. But they're not exclusive: If they're at a sticky-floored dive bar, Gemini are happy to order a beer. In general, Gemini choose the drink based on the location.

How Gemini Unwinds

Whether it's reading an entire book in one sitting or binge watching two seasons of their favorite show over a weekend, what looks like work for other signs is Gemini's favorite way to disconnect from the world. This sign loves becoming an expert in something new. For the Twins, it's relaxing to read as much as they can about a certain subject, or watch TV with Google open so that they can read up on any interesting themes, words, or customs dropped on the show. While Gemini are known as a social butterflies, they'll often sneak in some solo time to take a walk, listen to music, or even just hit the gym to turn inward and recharge.

Gemini's Social Life

Gemini starts pretty much every sentence with "my friends and I," and a quick scroll through their social media feed will reveal just how many people Gemini have in their life. This sign tends to draw energy from hanging out with others, and also loves connecting one-on-one in conversation. Active and driven, Gemini are happy to flit from event to event, and are often up for challenge of a four-party evening. But they're also ready for one-on-one get-togethers, where they enjoy debating, going into deep conversations, and connecting beyond a superficial level. A Gemini is rarely lonely, and he or she is good at reaching out for support or company.

Gemini's Favorite Season

This mutable sign is well matched with its late spring/early summer birthday. Like the season, Gemini can display two very different sides, depending on the day. Daydreamer Gemini also loves the possibility hanging in the early summer air, that magical time when travel plans are made, spontaneous outdoor parties happen, and everyone seems to get a surge of that ready-for-summer energy. The Twins sign don't like being cooped up. To them, the warm breezes of late spring are alive with freedom and possibility.

The Best Vacations for Gemini

While they won't turn down a beach vacation, Gemini love trips where they can also learn and connect to local culture. Gemini love foreign flings and are ecstatic when they learn how to successfully say a few sentences in the language of whatever country they're visiting. When it comes to vacation, Gemini like their to-do list, even if it's activities like "try as many different kinds of gelato as possible." To Gemini, researching a destination is all part of the adventure, and planning a trip is (almost) as much fun as going.

Gemini's Power Colors

Gemini is intelligent, charismatic, and charming. The colors that best represent these traits are:

Yellow: This glass-half-full sign exudes optimism, and yellow can play up their ability to see the bright side. Plus, yellow is affiliated with the solar plexus chakra, which helps manifest desires and dreams.

Blue: Whether it's light or dark, reminiscent of sky or sea, blue hints at Gemini's emotional depths. The healing color is also a reminder of this sign's role as a master diplomat and negotiator who can help tame even the highest tensions between others.

Pink: "Millennial pink" may be called Gemini pink as well. The happy, positive color speaks to Gemini's cheerful soul. It also touches on Gemini's whimsical side, which is sometimes overlooked due to the Twins' other strong traits.

White: Pure energy, this shade matches the go-go-go drive that makes Gemini want to stay up all night, work all day, and somehow find a way to change the world in their spare time.

These are the colors that Gemini should avoid:

Brown: This earth tone anchors Gemini, when this air sign was born to fly.

Gray: While the many shades of gray may seem just as mutable and dynamic as Gemini, this color can seem too buttoned-up and stark around a sign known for its sense of whimsy and wonder. Bright pops of color help keep Gemini from getting too rigid or bogged down in one aspect of their personality.

Red: This fiery color can be too much for Gemini, who already have plenty of energy and passion. Add this color and controversy or conflict may follow. It's best sticking to pastels that will manifest Gemini energy in the best, brightest way possible.