January 2022 - January could have you taking a chance, Gemini, and you’re checking out the risk/reward ratio.

January 2 brings the new moon in Capricorn, and this energy highlights investments and passive income resources for you. You’re always a bit of a risk-taker, and now leveraged gold shares, penny stocks, or cryptocurrencies have piqued your interest. There’s nothing wrong with playing the game with some spare change, Gemini, but be careful about pushing all your chips into the pot at this time.

Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius on the fourteenth, and you could be on the hunt for an important piece of paper. This document might be necessary for a job application, or you might want to read the terms of a loan. After you find it, you might vow to redo your filing system.

The full moon in Cancer is on January 17, and you could come to the end of your money before the end of the month. Cash flow is a little tight, possibly because of some legitimate expenses and well-considered purchases. Rather than tapping into savings or putting purchases on credit, consider focusing on economizing and making do with what you have.

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