May 2022 - Soak up the mind-expanding vibes from your home planet Jupiter’s final days of its trip through compassionate, sympathetic Pisces early this month. The ability to show potential partners your caring, sensitive side makes you an attractive date and possible future mate, especially for deeply emotional, empathetic water signs like Cancer.

When knowledge-seeking Jupiter leaves soft-spoken Pisces for powerful, confident Aries on May 10, however, your actions are more aggressive and outgoing than they’ve been lately. You’re also extremely competitive and hate to lose any kind of contest, especially where love is involved. You definitely won’t just give up and walk away if you find out your crush likes someone else during this daring planetary partnership!

On the fifteenth, a comfortable, motherly relationship develops between loving asteroid Ceres and gentle, moody Cancer that encourages you to seek out people you feel comfortable around. Platonic friendships tend to turn romantic under this cosmic meetup simply because the love is already there. Being with an ex can feel like coming home, but don’t confuse loneliness with long-term compatibility.

When the sun leaves earthy Taurus for pleasure-loving Gemini on May 20, have some fun. Lower your expectations of a first date, Sagittarius, and let your guard down for maximum enjoyment.

Eharmony’s all about love & that’s a fact. Meet high quality singles near you.

Eharmony’s all about love & that’s a fact. Meet high quality singles near you.

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