Dec 11, 2023 - Dec 17, 2023 - I Hate Christmas (Netflix): Have you started gobbling up holiday content yet, Cancer? If so, you're definitely ready for the laughs in the new Italian show I Hate Christmas. This rom-com series follows young and single Gianna, who's lied to her family about having a boyfriend in an attempt to quell their inevitable awkward inquiries into her love life. But with their Christmas gathering fast approaching, she's determined to find a partner before the big day. The moon will light up your relationship sector midweek, making it the perfect time to tap into this lighthearted romance.

Bonus Pick: Mercury retrograde starts this week, boo. Take your mind off the cosmic clashes by indulging in the iconic and long-running Buffy the Vampire Slayer, streaming on Hulu. In it, a teen discovers she comes from a long line of women who have been chosen as the "vampire slayers" — and thankfully, she's got plenty to work with, as she lives in a town built upon a gateway to a demonic realm. With its perfect combination of late-90s fashion and paranormal dangers, this series is sure to delight, whether for a rewatch or a first-time viewing.

Let's talk about your Horoscope. Get a FREE chat with a live Astrologer. Connect now.

Let's talk about your Horoscope. Get a FREE chat with a live Astrologer. Connect now.

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