May 27, 2024 - Jun 2, 2024 - Tires (Netflix): This week kicks off with the moon in your career sector, so a work-related comedy series like Tires will be just what you're in the mood for. In this freshly premiered series, an awkward and unsure man named Will inherits his father's struggling auto shop. He has to figure out a way to turn the business around while also having to deal with his cousin-turned-employee Shane, who is more than a thorn in his side. It's lighthearted and fun, and you'll want a fun distraction after returning to work after a long weekend.

Bonus Pick: In honor of Memorial Day this week, you may also enjoy a World War I film like the classic All Quiet on The Western Front. This intense war drama follows a young and idealistic German soldier as he encounters the brutal realities of war, which is far removed from the patriotic representation that initially led him to enlist. The film poignantly explores themes of loss, disillusionment, and the impact of such events on the human spirit. You can find this streaming on Netflix.

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Reignite passion with a Love & Relationship Psychic reading! Get started for FREE

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