Taurus Fitness & Health Problems

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Health & Wellness

Taurus' Ailments: Sore throats
Taurus' Strengths: Determination
Taurus' Weaknesses: Belief that taking medicine is giving up and seeing a doctor is a sign of failure. Stubborn Bulls sometimes have a hard time accepting medical advice and may try DIY cures or just ignoring the problem away.

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The Best Fitness Routines for Taurus

Taurus thrives on routine and loves going to the same classes, where they have their spot, their instructor, and a sense of exactly how the class will unfold. Taurus also thrives on a challenge and loves evidence they're getting better. Signing up for a race and using a fitness tracker are great ways to keep a Taurus moving. The Bull always feels good after a sweat session, but getting them motivated can be tough, so easy strategies to get moving are always welcome.

About Those Taurus Sore Throats

Ruled by the throat, Taurus may find sore throats and colds dragging them down—especially when they find themselves "swallowing" their truth to fit in. While a sore throat is worth a doctor visit, Bulls should check in with their emotions when they're under the weather. Sometimes, not speaking up or holding back can lead to getting sick. Finally, Bulls don't win a prize for suffering—if you feel sick, take a sick day!

The Top 10 Ways Taurus Beats the Blues

Persistent and hardworking, Bulls tend to suck it up. But sometimes, actually acknowledging emotion can help fix the issue. Here are ten ways that Bulls can beat the blues:

  1. Dig into a DIY project. Working with their hands gets Bulls out of their head.
  2. Cuddle on the couch with a friend or partner for to binge-watch a fave TV show.
  3. Seek out a yoga class. The stretching feels good, and the guided meditations can be helpful.
  4. Call a friend from high school and laugh about old times.
  5. Write birthday cards and put them in the mail. Caring for others always makes Taurus feel better.
  6. Run through that to-do list. Checking off boxes is so satisfying for a Taurus.
  7. Play a board game. Taurus loves connecting to their inner child.
  8. Get a mani/pedi, and splurge on a massage at the end. Connecting skin-to-skin soothes Taurus' nerves like nothing else.
  9. Kick off the shoes and go outside. This earth sign loves the feeling of grass under their feet, which can ground them.
  10. Lie down and take a nap. Self-care for Taurus includes plenty of sleep, and they get cranky if they don't have plenty of rest.

Healing Herbs for Taurus

Mint: Not only is this a helpful herb for clearing up coughs and colds, which frequently plague Bulls, but the refreshing aroma can improve memory and raise alertness, which are key for keeping a Taurus' head in the game after hours of work.

Thyme: The invigorating scent is key for lifting mood and for making Bulls feel more energetic—great after a long weekend.

Violet: The pretty purple blossoms can make a great, throat-calming tea, helpful for Taureans.

Catnip: As an herb for indigestion, catnip is a perfect first step for Bulls, whose love of luxury sometimes leads them to overindulge.