Taurus Celebrities

What does a Taurus celebrity have in common with their peers? Reliable, luxurious, and with impeccable taste, Taurus celebrities know how to look the part. Learn more about your favorite Taurus birthdays.

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May 05 | taurus
We can’t forget that the Taurus sun is ruled by Venus! How else could Adele write a hundred love songs, each more poetic than the last? Photo: marcen27

Barbara Streisand

April 24 | taurus
This legendary songstress was clearly born under the sign of the Bull, as demonstrated by her work ethic, determination, self-reliance, and ultimate resilience in the face of those who doubt her. Photo: lifescript

Channing Tatum

April 26 | taurus
Another Taurus actor with a soft heart and hard exterior, Channing Tatum gets cast in all kinds of roles because of his tough exterior but hilarious personality. Photo: Gage Skidmore

David Beckham

May 26 | taurus
This family guy has dedicated his post-soccer years to raising four kids with his businesswoman wife, Victoria Beckham. The Taurus Brit might have a tatted-up, hard exterior, but his soft side comes out when socializing with family, friends, and even press! Photo: Y.Leclercq

Dwayne Johnson

May 26 | taurus
Another visibly obvious Taurus, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known for his honesty with the people and his life and the media. A dependable guy, this Taurus dedicates himself to everything he does, whether it’s his acting, wrestling career, or private family life. Photo: Eva Rinaldi

Enrique Iglesias

May 08 | taurus
Taurians truly enjoy privacy when it comes to their family—and that’s why you never hear much about this singer’s tennis player wife and their children in the tabloids! Photo: Enrique Lin

George Lucas

May 14 | taurus
It takes the Taurus’ dedication to his craft to have such a successful career as George Lucas. The billionaire deserves all he has, after creating the Stars Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. Photo: Nicolas Genin

George Clooney

May 06 | taurus
Once the man nominated for awards nearly every year, this Taurus has taken some time out of the spotlight to take some time to focus on his romance with human rights lawyer Amal Clooney and their two twin babies. What a dependable family man! Photo: Nicolas Genin

Gigi Hadid

April 23 | taurus
This Taurus model has a sign ruled by Venus, which is the planet of luxury and beauty, so her career field makes sense! There’re dual speeds of the Taurus, which Gigi embraces: calm and collected at a photoshoot or charging fast on the runway. Photo: Stuart Weitzman//Do It Right feat. Gigi Hadid

Jack Nicholson

April 22 | taurus
Taurians desire to create beauty in the world, which this Taurus actor aspires to do with his films. Taurians like Jack Nicholson focus deeply on detail and discipline in their career, while craving strong relationships in both his professional and personal life. Photo: John Matthew Smith