November 2020 - A resounding career victory could be coming your way at the start of November, triggered by the full moon at the end of October (solar tenth house). You’ve worked hard for this! This may come in the form of a promotion, award, or even public recognition. No matter what, Leo, enjoy this moment and reach for the stars.

However, despite this, the month starts off rather slowly. When Mercury turns direct on November 3 and Mars wakes up ten days later, the pace of life should gradually pick up. The sun graces your domestic sector throughout much of the month, though, so be aware that you could be quite focused on fixing up your space, family affairs, or even moving. With the new moon arriving in this same sector on the fourteenth, it’s likely a door will open to you here (solar fourth house).

As the sun marches into your romantic zone, beginning on November 21, expect fun and passion to ignite in your life (solar fifth house). Embracing more pleasure is an absolute must over the coming month! Single Leos could find themselves bumping into magnificent new options, while committed Leos may feel the need to embrace more enjoyment with their significant other.

As the month comes to a close, eclipse season returns. A lunar eclipse in your fulfillment sector arrives on the thirtieth, likely showing you how popular and connected you are (solar eleventh house). A friend may help you out in a way you have long hoped for, or you might even attend a momentous event that holds the keys to both personal and professional growth.

Standout days: 1, 2, 30
Challenging days: 15, 17, 27

Love is calling your name. Get an accurate prediction today!

Love is calling your name. Get an accurate prediction today!

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