April 2020 - Saturn and Mars entered and met in Aquarius late last month, marking a phase of two and a half years in which you’re becoming aware of your subconscious patterns, especially surrounding self-esteem, your relationship with money, secret desires and fears regarding intimacy and relationships, or any trauma from which you’ve disassociated. But with awareness, this is also a chance to heal them.

Jupiter meets Pluto on April 4, opening the playing field. Your social network is widening, expanding your world and opening doors. There could even be huge dream opportunities arising. But with the sun in Aries, it’s important that you stay true to your values and choose your friends wisely. You’re known for the company you keep.

On the seventh, the Libra full moon brings a financial situation, intimate relationship, or power struggle to a head. You have a lot to gain, both financially and emotionally, but let go of trying to control anyone or anything, and avoid compromising your values for superficial gain. This is a turning point freeing you to be more wholly yourself and align with others who share your values and vision.

On April 19, the sun enters Taurus, followed by the Taurus new moon three days later, marking a new communication cycle. You’re having surprising conversations and learning unexpected, possibly shocking information. Keep an open mind and you’ll see the opportunity that something holds. Something you’ve hoped and wished for is not as impossible as you imagined. Be open to a stroke of inspiration and trust your gut.

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Meet someone worth getting to know on eharmony. Sign up now!

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