May 2021 - Several stars dance in your solar third house, Pisces, so your mind is especially active. The new moon on May 11 opens a doorway for you to pursue a communications-related project. Some Pisces could be inspired to embark on a new writing, speaking, advertising, marketing, or social media endeavor in order to broadcast a new message.

However, the most exhilarating moment this month is when Jupiter dances into your zodiac sign on the thirteenth, where it remains until July 28. With your co-ruler now touring your solar first house, you have a great amount of luck surrounding you. A rebirth is here, one that you will revisit in 2022. Open your heart and begin to build the life of your dreams.

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Next on the docket is a mighty lunar eclipse in your solar tenth house on May 26, which could bring a major milestone in your professional life. This might signal an achievement, promotion, or favorable award. Show the world your power, Pisces.

Last to note is the onset of a Mercury retrograde cycle, which begins on the twenty-ninth. This could cast a fog over your mind and domestic affairs for weeks to come, so slow down and listen rather than try to charge forward. Remember that it’s never wise to make final commitments or sign contracts during a Mercury retrograde. Do your best to tidy things up before signing, and triple-check the fine print if you’re forced to lock things down now. Know that with Jupiter at your side, the stars are smiling on you.

Standout days: 13, 26, 29
Challenging days: 17, 21, 27

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction today.

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction today.

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