Pisces Health Problems

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Pisces Health & Wellness

Pisces Ailments: Need a tissue? Pisces are known to struggle with sinus issues and their bodies aren't great at going through seasonal changes. Make sure to always have a jacket on hand during transition seasons and pay attention to the air quality in your home.
Pisces Strengths: Pisces knows that their mind and body are connected, and they treat mental health issues as seriously as physical health issues. By staying on top of their emotions and learning ways to cope with any stressors, Pisces can feel better in their mind, body, and spirit.
Pisces Weaknesses: Sometimes, Pisces may be distrustful of doctors or may truly think that any physical ailment can be solved with a positive attitude. Finding a doctor you trust and making sure you voice any concerns regarding medication will help keep you healthy.

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Get Love Insights for FREE - celebrate the month of love and connect with a Keen Advisor now!

Best Fitness Routines for Pisces

Aqua Zumba. Not only is this dance class in your second home, the pool, but the water takes down some of the heat of the workout and makes it fun. Not only that, but you'll dig the camaraderie and find plenty of workout buddies on the same page as you.

About Those Pisces Foot Issues

Pisces rule the feet, and small and large issues can bring a Pisces to the podiatrist's office throughout his or her life. Pisces doesn't like to be constricted, and shoes can be a metaphor for how Pisces feel in the roles they must play in the world. They may feel constricted or uncomfortable. The advice find shoes that fit may sound simple, but it may behoove Pisces to take that advice seriously—and find plenty of places and times they can kick their shoes off and feel free. And pay attention to how your feet feel—getting prompt and proactive care can help you feel more comfortable on both a physical and psychological level.

The Top 10 Ways Pisces Beats the Blues

Pisces may seem moody, but the fact that they're in tune with their emotions can be a great thing. While others looking at them may think a Pisces may seem overly emo, a Pisces knows that it's far better to let their emotions out, rather than bottle them up. With that said, here's how a Pisces can beat their blues and feel better fast.

  1. Play music. Spotify is fine, but a Pisces also loves unleashing their feelings on a piano, guitar, or other musical instrument—regardless of whether they've had formal training.
  2. Talk to a friend over coffee. Pisces can go deep into analysis—it's all part of the process. Talking over a problem can help a Pisces decide how to get through it.
  3. Get their feet in the sand. A Pisces close to water is one happy fish.
  4. Indulge in a pedicure. Pisces rules the feet, and having someone truly touch and pamper a Pisces foot for an hour can give Pisces the headspace to daydream or problem solve.
  5. Go on a road trip. No destination in mind, every turn made by intuition. It's going with the flow, Pisces style.
  6. Wander a museum. A Pisces isn't the type to stop and read placards, but just walking solo and paying attention to the exhibits a Pisces is drawn to can give them perspective they may have lacked.
  7. Write in a journal. Free-writing their feelings is another way to tap into their emotions and emerge on the other side.
  8. Wander a crystal shop. Sometimes, the right mood is just a stone's pick away. When a Pisces feels sad, they may need or want a metaphysical ritual to help them feel better.
  9. Volunteer with others. Sometimes, when a Pisces is in a bad mood, they're tempted to turn inward, when the best thing for a Pisces is to remove the focus on themselves and look to others.
  10. Watch a movie. Pisces can sometimes have a hard time concentrating, and it's unusual for a Pisces to be able to focus on a movie without multi-tasking. But putting down the laptop and watching something can distract Pisces and maybe even allow them to laugh for a little bit.