Pisces Celebrities

What does a Pisces celebrity have in common with their peers? Thoughtful, creative, and empathetic, Pisces celebrities bring compassion to all that they do. Learn more about your favorite Pisces birthdays.

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Adam Levine

March 18 | pisces
Love song after love song, hello Adam Levine! Sensitive and romantic, there’s a reason so many musicians are Pisces. Photo: Robin Wong via Wikimedia Commons 

Bon Jovi

March 02 | pisces
This Pisces is a sensitive guy and is now ultimately know just as much for his philanthropy as his music career. Bon Jovi serves as an ambassador for many organizations, like the Special Olympics, the American Red Cross, and his own Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. Photo: Lunchbox LP via Wikimedia Commons 

Brooklyn Beckham

March 04 | pisces
This Pisces man is a visionary with a creative flair. So it’s not that surprising that soccer star David Beckham and pop queen Posh Spice’s son embraces photography as a profession. Photo: George Fenwick via Evening Standard

Bruce Willis

March 19 | pisces
Pisces make for great actors because it’s the sign of fantasy! Actors like Bruce Willis may use their movie roles as a form of escape from the real world when it gets a bit too complicated. Photo: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons 

Carrie Underwood

March 10 | pisces
This zodiac sign tends to be so popular due to its warm and friendly aura—you can’t help but be attracted someone who just seems like they want to have fun all the time! It’s hard to not want to be their best friend, too, like friendly and outgoing Carrie Underwood! Photo: Cosmopolitan UK via Wikimedia Commons

Chelsea Clinton

February 27 | pisces
A Pisces woman with big ideas, Bill and Hillary’s daughter holds four different degrees, participates in D.C.’s political scene, and has independent consultant and correspondent jobs for various firms and networks. She’s also raising two kids with her investment banker husband. What more could a girl want? Photo: Sam Javanrouh via Flickr

Dakota Fanning

February 23 | pisces
This Pisces has a flair for the creative side of life, and her inner thespian really comes out with her moon in Leo. Photo: Crislapi3 via Wikimedia Commons 

Daniel Craig

March 02 | pisces
Daniel Craig is a mysterious man, and another very private Pisces. A Pisces can be a natural actor, as they love the poetry, art, and drama of everyday life. Photo: Discutivo via Flickr

Drew Barrymore

February 22 | pisces
A little-known fact about Pisces is their flair for young rebellion… Drew Barrymore is an actress on the list who has dealt with those issues in the past! Now, she’s known for her easy-going personality and general spirituality. Photo: David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons 

Elliot Page

February 21 | pisces
This actor once said in an interview with Barbara Walters that he tends to sleepwalk and hallucinate—a sign of an active Pisces’ subconscious! Photo: Greg2600 via Wikimedia Commons