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What Are Pisces Like as Friends?

A Pisces can feel like a great friend—until you consider how much you actually know about them. While Pisces are natural therapists within the Zodiac, they can be cagey about who they are, never revealing their full selves until they trust you—and sometimes, they may never reveal who they truly are. A Pisces can sometimes seem chilly and reserved to acquaintances, and it may seem hard to pull them out of their shell.

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Pisces are loyal, but their ultimate loyalty is to themselves. They will only give people in their lives so many chances, and they will not sacrifice their health and well-being for that of someone else. A Pisces makes their terms clear, and will always be who they are in a friendship situation. This can be maddening—for example, a Pisces won't play nice and head to a restaurant for another friend's birthday dinner if she hates that restaurant or feels like she's been wronged there—but remember: It's not personal.

A Pisces is well-liked, well-cultured, and brings a unique perspective to every interaction. Pisces likes people and likes gatherings, but may sometimes feel exhausted by large gatherings. One on one gatherings or intimate groups—even if the conversations get intense—are preferable to Pisces. A Pisces honors childhood friendships, and even if they feel they've grown apart from their earlier friends, will still find ways to keep in touch—as long as that friend doesn't try to make them abandon their principles.

Best Friend Match for Pisces: Cancer

Both water signs, Cancer and Pisces are intense. They seem to have an almost psychic connection with each other, and can read the air around each other, knowing when the other needs space or when the other's soul is dying to LOL at a comedy night. These two signs see, respect, and even admire all parts of the other—even the parts that may seem dark and twisty to others.

Pisces and Cancer have deep respect for intellectual and cultural pursuits, and love to challenge each other. Sometimes, the tightest Pisces and Cancer combinations are those who are idealistic opposites—while these two can get in intense disagreements, the respect they have for each other elevates the pair above arguments. They may never believe the other's point of view, but they can respect it.

Pisces and Cancer understand that sometimes, the best thing you can do for a friendship is give it room to grow, and while both signs have sometimes been known to have a jealous streak, this isn't the case when these two signs seek out other friendships. They know that you can't hold onto a person (at least in friendship; sometimes this lesson is harder to learn when it comes to love) and that space can sometimes make you closer.

How to Make Friends with a Pisces

Respect them. Respect goes a long way for a Pisces, and even a comment made in jest can be taken personally by this sign. While this sign does have a sense of humor, it can sometimes take some time to figure out which jokes will land with a Pisces, so it's best to be earnest until you get to know them. A Pisces is always looking for people that they can connect with on an intellectual level, so sharing a book, film, or music recommendation can be a great way to get to know a Pisces. While a Pisces may seem cagey talking about their inner self, talking about the arts is a great way to understand how a Pisces views the world.

How to Stay Friends with a Pisces

Let them be them—while you stay you. Some friendships crumble over a difference of opinion. That isn't the case for Pisces, who like when their social circle has wildly divergent views. That said, a Pisces does not tolerate hypocrisy. Doing one thing, then saying another, is a far greater sin to a Pisces than simply doing what you've set out to do in the first place.

3 Reasons Why Pisces Make Great Friends

  1. They're so tapped into culture. Whether you need the next great designer, podcast everyone's going to be talking about, or new app, a Pisces has the best recommendations.
  2. They let you feel. How many times have you heard a friend say "it's going to be okay,"—when you're not sure if that's the case? A Pisces won't say that. Instead, they'll let you go to the depths of despair, staying by your side the whole time. In that, they can help you realize that the worst is never the worst when you have a friend by your side.
  3. They have a unique way of seeing the world. You'll never be bored hanging out with a Pisces. A Pisces can always come up with fun things to do—even if the two of you have zero dollars between the two of you. Even a Netflix session is made more interesting by the unique perspective Pisces brings to life.