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For the Aquarius in Your Life

Best gifts: A backpack or passport holder. Aquarians are minimalists and adventurers, so you want something that they'll use.

Best spa package: A float tank session. Aquarians love trying new things, and feel like floating in a dark tank is a quiet way to unwind and finally hear themselves think.

Best cocktail: Margarita on the rocks, hold the salt. Aquarius is a purist, and doesn't like when fancy purees or flavors mess with a classic.

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How Aquarius Unwinds

Aquarius finds their escape in daydreaming. They don't need a book or even music—although they may welcome it—and have a rich imaginative life when it's just them and some time and space to lie down and relax. Aquarians love adventure and are never one to turn down an invite, especially to try something new, but they recharge during their solo time, and find that lying on the bed, with the breeze blowing in from the window, and staring at the ceiling is all they need to get to their happy place.

Aquarius' Social Life

Aquarius has a huge group of friends—and even more people who want to be their friends. Aquarius doesn't take stock in cliques or groups, and is the type to float between different social circles. While Aquarius can always find their place in a crowd, it can be tough to get into the inner circle of an Aquarius. Aquarius likes their privacy, and also doesn't want to get too close to someone until they truly know they can trust them, inside and out. Aquarius also values their personal time and bristles at mandatory social engagements. When an Aquarius comes to your party, it means they want to be there. When they don't come, don't take it personally. It doesn't mean they don't like you, it just means that they only want to come when their energy is positive.

Aquarius' Favorite Season

Aquarius thrives in the winter�it is there birthday season, after all—and finds the adage "there's no bad weather, only bad clothing" perfectly reflects their view on life. They love bundling up in the cold, taking part in winter sports, and cozying up in front of the fire. They also know that beauty can be found even in the wettest sleet storm, and don't feel like they need a warm summer day to put them in a good mood.

The Best Vacations for Aquarius

Aquarians love trying new things, so you're unlikely to find an Aquarius at the same resort year after year. Aquarius likes sporty, active vacations, and are happy to go somewhere where their clothes and backpacks are going to get a little dirty. Aquarians won't turn down a nice meal, but they're happy buying food off the street or scouring the grocery store for the ingredients locals use. An Aquarius also uses their large social circle as impetus to visit far-flung friends around the globe.

Aquarius Power Colors

Air sign Aquarius is drawn to ethereal, light colors that speak to the way Aquarius can deftly go with the flow, handle ideas, and be able to shift direction based on new information. Here, the best colors for Aquarius.

Light blue: Like a brilliant blue sky, a light blue speaks to the beautiful soul of an Aquarius, as well as their connection to ideas, intellect, and the pursuit of a more perfect world.

White: Aquarius looks for the best in people, and is drawn to the color most often associated with innocence.

Yellow: Like the sun, yellow speaks to the eternal optimism of an Aquarius.

Violet: Connected to the crown chakra and representing spirituality, violet speaks to the vivid spirit of an Aquarius.

The colors that Aquarius should avoid are:

Green: This earth tone grounds an Aquarian too much; an Aquarian may put down roots, but is much more comfortable flying.

Red: Affiliated with the root chakra, red can be too passionate and intense for Aquarius, who like to be more cool-minded and analytical when it comes to any decision in their lives.

Orange: Affiliated with the sacral chakra, orange is similarly grounding and at odds with the ethereal personality of an Aquarius.