Aquarius Celebrities

What does an Aquarius celebrity have in common with their peers? Forward-thinking, eclectic, and eager to fight for their beliefs, Aquarius celebrities are never boring! Learn more about your favorite Aries birthdays.

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Ashton Kutcher

February 07 | aquarius
This actor is certainly a rebellious Aqua—moving from teenage stardom with That 70’s Show, to prank show Punk’d, to marrying much older actress Demi Moore. Now a father with Mila Kunis, Kutcher spends much of his time on various business ventures and investments. Photo: JD Lasica via Flickr 

Christian Bale

January 30 | aquarius
Known for throwing his entire life into his career—in two years losing 63 pounds and then gaining 100 pounds for roles—this Aquarian actor is certainly unconventional. Photo: Wikipedia

Cristiano Ronaldo

February 05 | aquarius
Aquarians are known for their unconventional careers, and Cristiano Ronaldo follows that as well, a soccer god. But the star is also known for his humanitarian efforts and large charitable donations. Photo: Pure DOPE Magazine via Wikimedia Commons 

Ed Sheeran

February 17 | aquarius
Aquarius men are truly difficult to understand because of all their layers, but they end up being kind of wacky geniuses. Ed Sheeran is not the good-looking, hard-partying, British singer stereotype we’ve come to know, and that might be what makes him so unique and talented. Photo: Wikipedia

Ellen DeGeneres

January 26 | aquarius
One of the most positive qualities of the typical Aquarius is their love for philanthropy and general generosity, which is perfectly exemplified by this comedian. Photo: Zennie Abraham via Flickr  

Harry Styles

February 01 | aquarius
This Aquarius isn’t going for the usual post-boyband-now-pop-singer route, but creating original rock music and touring the world with a folk band. His private life is very private, and he prefers to be unconventional in fashion and friendships. Photo: citazioni e frasi celebri   

J. Cole

January 28 | aquarius
Cole is an artist who needs his space to create great work (like many Aquarians), which is why you don’t see him in the public eye much outside of album promotion. Photo: Kee1992 via Wikimedia Commons 

Jennifer Aniston

February 11 | aquarius
Likeable and social: two words that every magazine loves to use when talking about actress Jennifer Aniston. She just radiates Aquarius positivity! Photo: gdcgraphics via Wikimedia Commons 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

February 17 | aquarius
Aquarian independence shines in this actor, who loves to take unusual roles—from a gay Mormon missionary, to a janitor involved in a bank heist, to Edward Snowden. Photo: CAryn Loveless via Wikimedia Commons

Justin Timberlake

January 31 | aquarius
Air signs like the Aquarius have a fluidity with words, so naturally, this comes out in beautiful lyrical form! Photo: Georges Biard via Wikimedia Commons