Aquarius Health Problems & Fitness

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Health & Wellness

Aquarius Ailments: Skip the stilettos! Ruled by the ankles and shins, Aquarians are prone to leg issues and injuries. Varicose veins and heart ailments may also become a problem down the line.

Aquarius Strengths: Aquarians believe in doctors, but also believe in new age practices. Their ability to believe, and ability to truly connect their mind and body, can be beneficial to healing.

Aquarius Weaknesses: Sometimes, Aquarians forget that health issues can truly have a physical reason behind it, and may try "wishing things well" instead of consulting with a doctor.

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Get Love Insights for FREE - celebrate the month of love and connect with a Keen Advisor now!

The Best Fitness Routines for Aquarians

Group training. Whether it's training for a marathon or a triathlon, the social element will keep you coming back—and getting stronger.

About Those Aquarius Ankle Issues

Hey Water-Bearers, it's time to talk about all that weight you're carrying around. While you seem to let issues roll off your back, you sometimes let things—mental or physical—keep irritating you. This is especially true when it comes to physical issues. You're a grin and bear it type of person, but sometimes, it's okay to admit something hurts. You're always the first to volunteer to lift the heaviest suitcase, to carry the biggest box, to never, ever give up. But your body has limits. Respecting your body and how much it can take will go a long way in making sure your body stays healthy for years to come.

The Top 10 Ways Aquarius Beats the Blues

Aquarius may seem optimistic, but little things can bring them down in the long run. Aquarians need to regularly tune into their emotional health to make sure they're running at optimal speed. Here, some ways to make sure Water-Bearers feel good.

  1. Get outside. It doesn't matter if it's raining. No matter the weather, Aquarians find balance in nature.
  2. Book a trip. Exploratory Aquarians love adventures.
  3. Take a group fitness class. Sweat and socialization makes for a happy Aquarius.
  4. Get lost in a crowd. Sometimes, it's better if an Aquarius doesn't know anyone. Just being around people and getting lost in eavesdropping on other people's conversation is enough to get Aquarius out of their own heads.
  5. Listen to music. Whether it's an old playlist or a newly reinvented one, listening to music can help de-stress an Aquarius.
  6. Doodle. It doesn't matter if the art is good or recognizable.
  7. Take a nap. Sometimes, all you need is to daydream or dream everything away.
  8. Try a flower tincture. Aquarians love new-age healing remedies, and gravitate toward herbal and flower remedies to fight the blues.
  9. Make a difference. Whether it's working in a volunteer capacity or signing a petition online, making the world a better place always puts an Aquarius in a better mood.
  10. Meditate. It's not easy for an Aquarius to sit still, but when they can, it's magic.

Healing Herbs for Aquarius Moods

These are the best herbs for Aquarius to help ground Aquarius and connect them to themselves.

Comfrey: Used for sprains, strains, and wound care, this herb may help heal any Aquarius ankle accidents.

Valerian: This calming herb can (finally!) calm the racing mind of an Aquarius.

Violet: This anti-inflammatory herb can be a good antidote to the go-go-go lifestyle of an Aquarius.