May 2024 - This month, tweak the process.

On May 2, Pluto in Aquarius goes retrograde. Leo, you might have to get your daily routines in order. This is your opportunity to tweak your processes and find better ways of doing things to make yourself more productive.

Saturn in Pisces makes a semisquare to Pluto in Aquarius on the sixth. Leo, if you are trying to get lower credit card interest rates or consolidate loans, you could be very frustrated. The process could stop and start and then stop again. This energy is temporary, but it can be very irritating when it’s happening.

There is a new moon in Taurus on May 7. You are on top of the world. You could be lauded by your supervisor or even the general public. You might receive applause from a large group of people. You could get more social media contacts and expand your followers now.

On the twenty-third, there’s a full moon in Sagittarius and Venus enters the sign of Gemini. Leo, you have some great business and investment ideas now, but you are so busy at work that it might be hard to implement any of them. You’re going to have to carve out time to work on things that focus on revenue generation.

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Reignite passion with a Love & Relationship Psychic reading! Get started for FREE

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