March 2024 - This month, you might receive a windfall.

Jupiter in Taurus makes a semisquare to Neptune in Pisces on March 3. Aquarius, you can be impulsive, but today the thing you are moving toward could be an illusion. Sales pitches might seem very alluring and time sensitive, but it would be better to wait until you get more information.

On the tenth, there is a new moon in Pisces. Aquarius, a new source of income is possible. This could be based on a gig you have or a side business. You might receive a gift from a relative that you can cash.

Mars enters the sign of Pisces on March 22, where it will remain until April 30. The focus is on finances now. It’s time to put your financial life in order, which would include finishing taxes, checking credit card interest rates, returning items for refunds, and watching your budget.

There is a lunar eclipse in Libra on the twenty-fifth. Aquarius, be extra careful about signing contracts today. There is the possibility that you’ve missed something in the fine print or a number has changed that’s crucial to your agreement. If possible, wait to sign until you’ve had more time to check this paperwork.

Get a FREE personalized Horoscope analysis. Connect with an Astrologer for a 1-on-1 reading.

Get a FREE personalized Horoscope analysis. Connect with an Astrologer for a 1-on-1 reading.

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