June 2024 - This month, your enthusiasm sets you apart.

Jupiter in Gemini trines Pluto in Aquarius on June 2. Aquarius, you might have a big idea now, the one that could put you on top. Now it’s time to present that idea to the world. You might do this by talking to your supervisor or launching a business.

On the sixth, there is a new moon in Gemini. Aquarius, it’s time to measure your comfort zone so you can find the edges and step outside it. It isn’t enough to do what you’re good at. It’s better to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. You could have a breakthrough.

June 21 brings the full moon in Capricorn. Aquarius, you might have to put in some extra hours to finish a project on time. You might have to close your office door and find other ways to eliminate distractions so you can focus. You might need to wear noise-canceling headphones to get this job done.

On the twenty-ninth, Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces. Aquarius, it’s possible you see a faster or more efficient way to make money. You might recognize that there are easier ways to get new customers or move up in your career. New strategies can become available to you now.

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